Perhaps the most oft-visited room in your house—aside from the kitchen—is the bathroom. And if you’re hosting this holiday season, the bathroom will see more traffic than usual, particularly after a big Thanksgiving meal.

Preparing now for the holiday hubbub means more time to enjoy the company of friends and family and less time running to the store for more tissues. Whether they stay for an evening or a week, give your guests a five-star experience by organizing ahead of time. This checklist makes it easy.


woman relaxing in bath tubYou’ll want to start by cleaning your guest bathrooms. Wipe down all surfaces—cabinets, countertops, sink, toilet seat, and tank lid—with a bit of all-purpose cleaner.

Spritz the mirror with glass cleaner and buff out any water spots; take a stiff brush and a capful of bleach to the toilet bowl; and run a mop over the floor. If your guests are staying the night, tend to your shower with bathroom cleaner and unclog the drain if necessary.


Put away any personal items, like your razors or curling iron, that are cluttering up the counters or shower storage. You’ll want to save a drawer or two and some shelf space for your guests’ toiletries, so store your belongings in a private restroom. Lastly, don’t forget to empty the trash and put in a new liner.


Wash the floor mats as well as any hand towels, bath towels, and washcloths that need it, and add a touch of fabric softener. Most shower curtains and liners can be cleaned in the washing machine to get rid of soap scum and mildew. Neatly fold any hanging towels, and set out extra hand towels by the sink.


Store extra tissues and toilet paper where your guests can easily find them. It isn’t a bad idea to place a few magazines within reach, either, and fill the soap dispenser or replace your used bar soap with a new one. If you’re hosting long term, stock your shower with shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. No one wants to tote around heavy bottles of shampoo, and if your guests are traveling by plane, they don’t often have a choice. Likewise, keeping extras of the little things that tend to get left behind, like toothbrushes, will give your guests some peace of mind.


modern bathroom vanity with hand towelsEveryone knows hosting a crowd isn’t easy, so your guests will notice and appreciate your thoughtfulness when you go the extra mile. For the finishing touches, arrange a few seasonal scented candles, decorate your bathroom for Christmas, or set out a welcome basket filled with travel-size bathroom necessities and anything else your guests might like.


Hosting company is the perfect excuse to upgrade or to buy that new vanity set you’ve been eyeing. Treat yourself and your guests with a new set of towels, a spa bath pillow, or a massage shower head—’tis the season for giving, after all. Give yourself a new way to relax and unwind after all the stress of hosting this holiday season.