If you’ve ever been in the market for new appliances, you’ve probably come across “green” counterparts to standard appliances. 

In an effort to not only save money on monthly utility bills but also reduce electrical, gas, and water usage, many homeowners are replacing their less-efficient dishwashers, washers and dryers, water heaters, and other major appliances with “green” machines designed to do their job with less energy or water. 

Similarly, some Atlanta, GA plumbers are rethinking the way their business runs in a conscious effort to go “green.”

Sundial Plumbing Goes Green

Sundial Plumbing, a local Atlanta plumber that’s served the metro since 1999, regularly installs “green” appliances and fixtures, including tankless water heaters and low-flow toilets and faucets, among other energy-efficient options. 

The company doesn’t stop there, though. Mitzi Moore, the company’s owner and president, explains that Sundial Plumbing has made significant changes to the way the business operates, right down to the last spent ink cartridge in the office. 

“We’ve done quite a bit of our own, internally. We recycle ink cartridges, paper, aluminum, metal, oil, tires—really everything.”

Mitzi herself has even examined Sundial’s fleet of vehicles to maximize fuel economy and reduce any unnecessary bulk while making certain every vehicle sent to a job site is fully equipped for every job. 

Mitzi explains, “I purchased eight vehicles last year, and five were replacements for high-fuel-usage box vans. The traditional box vans get about 10-miles-per-gallon, and these sprinters get 22-miles-per-gallon. 

That alone saves about 120 gallons a month in fuel. That’s been tremendous. We’ve also changed the oils that we use in our trucks to increase the fuel efficiency and even examined the weight load of the trucks. We’ve had quite a few mechanical changes in our fleet.”

Community Outreach

Mitzi and her team at Sundial even participate in community outreach programs focused on large-scale energy and water conservation. 

Mitzi explains, “We’ve done ‘green’ initiatives through local water departments by giving out aerators and low-flow shower heads that save water by dispensing less water from the shower head and faucets. 

We’re also a part of the Chattahoochee Basin Advisory Council, a group that studies and educates consumers regarding water—that’s also a part of the Atlanta Regional Commission. We work with schools and the education community and have done seminars with Boy Scouts and different civic groups.”

As Sundial Plumbing shows, you don’t necessarily have to purchase “green” appliances to be environmentally conscious. You can reduce your ecological footprint simply by choosing a “green” contractor for your next Atlanta plumbing repair or installation.

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