Consumers are giving more thought than ever to the origin of the things they use as well as what happens to them once they’ve outlived their usefulness. As such, it’s only natural that an industry as resource intensive as home remodeling would make strides toward sustainability. In this article, Del Thebaud, Jr., of Gutter Helmet by Harry Helmet, discusses the surprising variety of sustainable, environmentally friendly options you have when it comes to exterior work on your home. Environment aside, you can reap additional benefits yourself— a sustainable material like fiber cement siding “has insulating properties that can render your whole home more energy efficient.” Roofing, siding, and gutters can be “made from recycled material and can easily be recycled again when you’re finished” with them. Metal roofing combined with an appropriate gutter system can also help you conserve water—you can “harvest clean, high-quality rainwater” for use in your garden or home. READ MORE

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