No matter your design style, you can welcome fall into your kitchen’s decor without making big updates. Read on to learn about seasonal decor tricks that’ll help you incorporate the change of the seasons into your routine with respect to your style.

Gorgeous Gourds

autumn vegetables arranged in basketsAdd a touch of autumn to your kitchen by using colorful crops as centerpieces. Autumnal gourds not only make hearty dishes but can also act as eye-catching accent pieces that’ll bring the best of the fall into your home without any fuss or maintenance.

Fresh Foliage

place setting on a bed of fall leavesNothing says fall like the changing leaves. Capture that magic by using natural pieces from outside to decorate your kitchen space. A few strategically placed branches with autumnal leaves will provide your kitchen with a rustic feeling at little to no cost to you.

Cozy Colors

closeup of fruits, nuts, and a candle decorating a tableYou don’t have to bring the changing plants inside to enjoy the cozy feeling of autumn. Going for a subtle look? Try integrating classic seasonal colors into accent pieces, like candles, towels, or art, to create a sense of fall that’ll fit seamlessly into any decorating scheme.

Ambient Accents

candles with autumn plants as decorationAutumn is best known for its colors, but take your kitchen decor one step further by engaging some of your other senses this fall. Incorporate great fall scents into your space to help foster the ambiance. Use a cinnamon broom, or add scented candles for a subtle, yet effective nod to autumn that you can easily shelve once the seasons change.  

A few key pieces can get you and your kitchen in the holiday spirit without disrupting your overall design. What do you love most about fall? Let your fall favorites be your inspiration, and see where it takes you.