Selecting a color that complements and accentuates your existing décor, as discussed in Part 1 of this blog, is just the first step to a creative paint job. There are also painting techniques homeowners can use to create distinctive wall textures or even change the entire atmosphere of a room.

Color Me Well With Finishes and Accents

Creative painting can turn a forgettable room into a design showcase. Experiment and choose colors that not only appeal to you but also make a statement. Remember that there are design options beyond simply painting a wall a solid color. Here are just a few of the possibilities:


Faux finishes use various techniques to mimic the textural qualities of other surfaces. Typical faux finishes include marbling, stone, brick, distressed surfaces, and geometrical designs. This is a great option if you want the specific look of another material at a lower cost.

Accent Your Room

If you’re feeling bold, an accent wall—one painted a color that contrasts with the other walls—can make a room come alive. Accent walls are particularly useful if you want to highlight something in the room, such as an architectural component or a piece of art.

One Color, Many Shades

Using multiple shades of a single color can make your design visually interesting while maintaining its aesthetic consistency. You can even continue a certain wall color into adjoining rooms, creating a visual connection throughout the home while using various shades of one color to make each room distinct.

Don't Be Scared of the Dark

You’ve probably heard the old rule of thumb that painting a room a dark color can make the space seem smaller. On the upside, darker colors can make a room feel warm and cozy, and dark earth tones can make lighter-colored furniture, cabinets, and trim really pop.

Refresh the Exterior Paint

Revitalizing and modernizing your home with color isn’t exclusive to the inside—you can rekindle its curb appeal by refreshing the outside paint, too. Most painting contractors are experts at both interior and exterior work, so if you’re interested in the complete package, just ask.

It’s amazing what a little paint and planning can do. By using these color and design tips, you can transform a room that was once drab and pedestrian into a new and vibrant living space.

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