Energy-efficient home upgrades are on the rise among homeowners looking to save money in the long run while helping the environment, and green heating is no exception.

One such energy system uses geothermal power—harnessing the heat stored in the ground—to regulate the temperature in your home. A geothermal heating system produces no carbon dioxide, can last over 50 years, and produces 3 to 4 times the usable heat as a gas furnace that takes the same amount of energy to operate.

Atlanta heating and cooling expert Progressive Heating & Air Conditioning explains more about the benefits of geothermal systems and how they work:

“Geothermal systems use the earth as a heat source and heat sink,” says Progressive. “The earth absorbs and stores nearly half of the sun’s solar energy…The geothermal system taps into that free, renewable energy and puts it to work.”

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