Ready to revamp your entryway? There are several ways to update your front porch and increase your home’s curb appeal. These updates typically fall into one of two categories: cosmetic changes to the front of your house or updates to your front porch furniture and accessories. Whether you’re interested in decorating your front porch, painting the front door, or adding outdoor furniture, these ideas are sure to give your home a fresh look.

Infographic on Front Porch Makeover Ideas


Try Some Greenery

Boost your curb appeal with some added greenery. A symmetrical setup will create a more polished look.

        - Plant beds

        - Container gardens

        - Flower boxes

Update With Color

Update the look of your front porch and home with some fresh paint. Don’t be afraid to go bold with your front door.

        - Doors

        - Shutters

        - Trim

        - Railings

Fix Up the Details

Modernize your home with new and matching details and fixtures. These seemingly small changes can make a big difference.

        - House numbers

        - Mailbox

        - Porch lighting

Add Something New

Rejuvenate the front of your home with more substantial updates in order to enhance your curb appeal.

        - Walkway

        - Porch railings

        - Gutters

Upgrade Outdoor Furniture

Create a living space for you and your family to enjoy. Enhance an existing space with new furniture or accents.

        - Furniture

        - Rugs

        - End tables

        - Pillows