DIY decorations can turn your home into a Pinterest-worthy designer pad with little effort. If you’re looking for a room you can easily decorate a few times a year, the bathroom is a great place to start. Smaller than your bedroom or kitchen, the bathroom can be a fun, inexpensive, and easy place to experiment with your decor ideas. Follow these design tips for a bathroom decoration project for every season.

Fall Decorations

white bathroom with grey interiorWith fall in full swing, the months are filled with pumpkin spice and falling leaves. Try out these tips when decorating your bathroom for this season of changing colors and lower temperatures.

  • Entice the senses. No bathroom is complete without a scented candle or two. When decorating for fall, choose candles that are seasonally appropriate. Smoky, woody aromas or spicy scents like cinnamon and pumpkin are great choices for autumn.
  • Play with color. Color is an easy way to reimagine your bathroom. Celebrate the colors of fall by changing out your towels and shower curtain. Choose from a warm, autumnal color palette of chocolate browns, burnt oranges, or mustard yellows.
  • Add a bath mat. As the seasons change, so do the temperatures. Keep your bare feet safe from the cold bathroom floor by adding a comfy mat. This also gives you another opportunity to enhance your fall color scheme; try a nice, neutral charcoal grey that can transition into winter.
  • If you’re a true do-it-yourselfer, consider making your own decorations. With a little imagination, you can craft your own DIY fall accents using materials like burlap sacks and cinnamon sticks.

Winter Decorations

When the crisp autumn leaves have all blown away and the brisk chill of fall has turned into deep freeze, then winter has officially arrived. Cool down your bathroom theme using the following tips:

  • Heat things up. Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but your bathroom floor doesn’t have to be. If you are willing to spend a little money, upgrade your bathroom with a heated floor. Contact a professional electrician to be sure you receive quality service.
  • Repurpose your fall decorations. If a heated floor doesn’t entice you, you can simply reuse your fall bath mat to keep your feet warm. Your fall DIY projects will often complement the winter season as well.
  • Decorate with evergreen branches. Your local tree lot will thank you for taking extra trimmings off their hands. Arrange some branches on top of the bathroom cupboard, or place smaller branches inside mason jars on the counters for a fresh-smelling winter accent.

Spring Decorations

With a new year comes warming temperatures, fresh flowers, cleaning projects, and a new bathroom look. Follow these tips and tricks to brighten up your spring bathroom.

  • Spring cleaning. The simplest way to make over your bathroom is to give it a good cleaning. Take just fifteen minutes to clean up, then take care of the clutter. Old bathroom supplies, like dull razors or overused toothbrushes, can add up if left unchecked. For a fresh start, take inventory of your bathroom products and get rid of any items you no longer need.
  • Invite spring colors. Change up the color pallet by replacing your winter whites with sunny, yellow towels or a robin’s egg blue shower curtain. Fresh flowers are always a nice touch, but a vase of faux daisies on the counter will give the same colorful effect.

Summer Decorations

yellow bathroom with a wooden countertopFor many people, the summer is about fun with the family. Kids are on break from school, families are vacationing, and the weather is perfect for outdoor adventure. Bring the same summer fun to your bathroom with the following advice:

  • Let the light in. Summertime means plenty of sunshine. Open the blinds to let in some of that invigorating natural light whenever you don’t need the privacy.
  • Make the most of your mirrors. To make your mirrors stand out, consider your color palette. A bronze frame may go well with an autumn theme, but a rustic wooden frame may better complement your bathroom year round. For more unique look, pick up a frame at a thrift store and paint it your favorite color.
  • Make a vase, or get around to that other DIY project you’ve been wanting to try. With the kids out of school, the family can get together for a craft day, and you can spend the time creating summery accents for your home