EBSCO Research is pleased to announce the launch of the 2014 edition of Best Pick Reports and Home Reports. Our annual publications present home service company recommendations that are based on extensive consumer satisfaction research. By contacting thousands of homeowners directly, our staff at EBSCO Research is able to evaluate and document the performance of companies in dozens of categories, including roofers, plumbers, electricians, and painters. If you haven’t already received a report in your mailbox, you can request a copy here. You can also learn more about EBSCO Research, sign up for our monthly newsletter on home care tips, download the Best Pick mobile app, and, most importantly, find a local Best Pick company to rely on for your next home improvement project.

Our publications feature detailed profiles of A-rated companies qualified through our stringent, independent research process. They also include real customer evaluations on each Best Pick company as well as category-specific industry insight to consider before beginning a home improvement project. Every Best Pick company must requalify each year and hold proper state insurance and licensing. New this year, the reports feature enhanced company profiles that indicate the verification of these credentials more clearly. The illustrations below present an overview of the updates and features that can be found in the category pages and company profiles of this year’s publications:

Category Page

Category Page

Company Profile

Company Profile

If you’re new to Best Pick Reports or Home Reports, we hope this overview helps you understand the types of information that we present in our guides. We also hope that you find our guide informative and beneficial. If you’ve used our guide in previous years and are returning for our current Best Pick recommendations, we’d like to thank you for counting on us!

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More About Best Pick Reports and Home Reports

We track thousands of businesses and showcase Certified Best Pick companies in Best Pick Reports and Home Reports, which are posted online and mailed to homes in metropolitan communities across the nation. Our extensive research makes us the most reliable resource for finding reputable home service companies in each metro area that we cover. We conduct new research on our Best Picks every year, because we want to make sure they’re continuing to deliver the quality of work that made us take notice of them in the first place.

Most importantly, companies cannot buy their way into Best Pick Reports or Home Reports. We do not sell advertising space, improved ratings, or better placement in our reports. Inclusion in the reports is by invitation alone, and that invitation is extended only if a company has met our strict qualifying criteria. After accepting our invitation, companies pay a listing fee, which allows us to distribute our publications at no cost to homeowners. Best Pick companies must also sign the Best Pick Company Pledge, which states that they will not directly pass on any payment costs to homeowners.

More About EBSCO Research

Founded in 1997, EBSCO Research LLC is an independent research firm that currently publishes Best Pick Reports and Home Reports. The firm’s robust, in-house research methodology has been refined over the past 17 years. You can read more about the research process on our site’s Research Methodology page. EBSCO Research LLC is a division of EBSCO Industries, Inc., a family-owned company with a diversified portfolio of over 40 businesses, including EBSCO Information Services, the provider of EBSCOhost online research databases.

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