We recently celebrated the two-year anniversary of our Home Improvement Blog here at EBSCO Research. Throughout the past 24 months, we have been thrilled by the response from our readers. Our in-house team of technical writers spends countless hours researching and crafting meaningful content for homeowners, and as a result, web visitors around the world have looked to our blog for assistance when tackling a wide variety of home service projects.

As a new year begins, we thought that now would be a great time to highlight the articles that our readers have relied upon the most:

Presenting our top five most-read blog articles of 2013:

  1. Different Types of Heating Systems for Your Home
  2. Heat Pump Freezing Up? Steps to Combat Winter's Frost
  3. Give Your Grass a Head Start: The How-to’s of Lawn Scalping
  4. Types of Wood Fencing: Landscape Beautifier or Necessity?
  5. Tips on How to Clean Your Wood Fence

Presenting our top five most-read blog articles of all time:

  1. What to Do when Your Home’s A/C Is Not Blowing Cold Air
  2. Different Types of Siding and How to Choose What's Best for You
  3. A How-To Guide on Controlling Cockroaches at Your Home
  4. Lawn Care Lessons for Aerating Your Lawn in the Spring
  5. Mold Alert: Tips On How to Clean Mold Off Your House's Siding

If there are any topics we have not covered that you would be interested in learning about, please contact our help desk—we are always open for new ideas. And to all of our readers out there, we would like to say thank you, and read on!