Window replacement may not be your first home improvement choice, but they should be. Upgrading from single-paned to double-glazed windows can be very beneficial. A double-glazed window—also known as an insulated glazed or double-paned window—has two panes of glass with a pocket of air in between. These types of windows can help save money, reduce energy usage, and protect home furnishings. Keep reading for more information on the benefits of double-glazed windows.

Help the Environment

Home energy usage makes up the bulk of an individual’s carbon footprint—27 percent. Homeowners can lower their carbon dioxide emissions and help the environment by installing windows with energy-efficient glazing. The air pocket in double-glazed windows prevents heat from flowing through, which means less energy is needed to warm or cool the home. Some double-glazed windows even have special gases—like argon or krypton—pumped between the panes. The gases have a greater density than air, which makes them more thermally efficient. Whether filled with air or gas, ENERGY STAR states that double-glazed windows can eliminate up to 6,072 pounds of carbon dioxide every year in a typical home—that is the equivalent of 310 gallons of gasoline.

Large multiple-paned windows with wooden frames behind contractors doing window installationSave Money

Double-glazed windows cost more than single-paned windows, but they offer energy savings that can lead to financial gains. According to ENERGY STAR, upgrading from single-paned windows can save homeowners up to $465 a year. Replacing the windows is also a beneficial investment when selling a home. Homeowners can recoup about 78 percent of the window replacement costs, which is a higher recoupment rate than that of some other home improvement projects, like attic bedroom conversions and even some deck additions.

Stay Warm or Cool

The air between the windowpanes of double-glazed windows keeps the home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Some energy-efficient windows also have tints that absorb unwanted heat from the sun or special coatings that reflect the light, which is helpful during warm months. In the winter, low-emissivity coatings on the inside of the windows reflect heat back into the room, keeping the area warm.

Block Unwanted Noise

Doubled-glazed windows can help block unwanted noise due to the thickness of the glass and the amount of space between the panes. When buying new windows, be sure to check the window’s sound transmission class (STC) rating. The higher the number, the less noise homeowners will hear. Homeowners should also caulk and add weather stripping to properly block sound and save money and energy.

House exterior with large double glazed tinted windowsProtect Valuables

Double-glazed windows can protect valuables from sun damage, too. When the windows have reflective coatings or a specific heat-absorbing tint, they can reduce the amount of sunlight entering the home, which protects window treatments, wood floors, paintings, and photographs. Read about the benefits and types of energy-efficient window coatings.

There is a large variety of energy-efficient window options to choose from. For more information on double-glazed windows and their benefits, contact a Best Pick window and door replacement contractor.

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