Whether you’re choosing furniture for the first time or you’ve decided to give your living room a face-lift, it’s always fun to find new ways of expressing your personal style through decorating. However, not all decorating jobs are created equal. Check out the following tips for decorating your home without falling prey to common decorating mistakes.

Bad Lighting

living room interior with insufficient lightToo much lighting can make you and your guests feel uncomfortable and overstimulated, while a room without sufficient light might feel dreary and difficult to navigate. Dimmer switches can help you control the amount of light in a room.

Too Much Space

Don’t push your tables and couches against the wall in a spacious room—the rest of the room will likely feel too big and empty. Try arranging your furniture a few feet away from the walls.

Disproportionate Furniture

two large chairs with one small tableWhen you’re furnishing a room, make sure that all the chairs, tables, lamps, and other furniture and décor items are scaled appropriately. An end table with a disproportionately large lamp or a coffee table that is significantly smaller than its surrounding chairs will look strange and out of place.

Clashing Paint

It’s best not to commit to a paint color until you’ve tested it on your own walls and decided how you want to furnish the room. Painting your walls without accounting for the lighting in the room and the colors of your furniture can leave you stuck with a color that looks quite different on your walls than it did on the sample.

Excessive Matching

living room with matched gray modern furnitureIf every piece of furniture and décor in one room matches the rest, the atmosphere of the room can turn from polished and tasteful to sterile, repetitive, and boring. Changing up the look of your furniture isn’t necessarily bad decorating—your room might need a little variety.

Cluttered Surfaces

A few personal items or tchotchkes here and there can add charm and personality to your home, but too many pictures, trinkets, or other decorations can clutter your surfaces and make your room feel messy and crowded.