If you own a home, chances are you’ve met with a pest control company, and you may have heard industry jargon you did not understand. Don’t let unfamiliar pest control terms intimidate you.

Here is a quick guide to some words you may hear from your pest control company.

Bait: In pest control, a bait is used to attract pests and eliminate them. Baits often take the form of pesticides, traps, food, or other materials.

Exclusion: The removal of unwanted wildlife or pests from a home as well as the prevention of future entry back into a structure.

Sentricon: A termite baiting system. Stations containing a cellulose-like material are placed in the soil. Once it is determined that termites are visiting these stations, the material inside is laced with an insect growth regulator, and termites searching for food carry this agent back to the colony. Through the ingesting of the insect growth regulator, termites are no longer able to molt, causing death.

Termite Bond: A contract between a homeowner and pest control company that outlines the terms of termite prevention and treatment. Be aware that termite bonds mean different things to different companies. Homeowners should not assume bonds include treatment if infestations occur or the repairing of damage.

Toxicity: The level of harm, up to death, a material causes to living organisms. In pest control, the Environmental Protection Agency breaks pesticides into four Toxicity Classes, from IV (nearly nontoxic) to I (most toxic).

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