Have you ever looked at your front door and thought it looked just like every other front door in the neighborhood? Custom front doors are a fantastic way to set your door apart. Whether you’re considering having a door specially made for your home or just looking to give your current door a face-lift, take a look at the following exterior door ideas from the team at Best Pick Reports.

Untraditional Colors

Untraditional ColorsThe quickest and most inexpensive way to customize your front door is to paint it. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with a front door that matches the rest of a house’s exterior features, why not go for a bold color that really catches the eye instead? Red, blue, yellow, and green are all excellent choices; there’s a shade for every style of home, yet one doesn’t expect to see such hues on a door. If conspicuous entryways aren’t your cup of tea, consider painting the front door an exterior accent color.

Decorative Accents

If you don’t want to play with color but still want your door to stand out, there are countless varieties of ornamental door accessories and hardware. From fasteners and hinges to doorknobs and knockers, you’re sure to find pieces that coordinate with your home’s exterior design. Additional options include sidelights; decorative wood panels that have been painted or carved; and frosted, etched, or stained glass panels.

Custom Carvings

When it comes to custom wood doors, carved entryway doors are all the rage—and with good reason. Carved doors are usually custom-made; therefore, one-of-a-kind design possibilities are endless, and the carvings can be as simple or as intricate as you like. They also tend to be absolutely breathtaking in their elegance. If you want passersby to stop and stare at your entryway, a custom carved door is the way to go.

Dutch Door

Also known as split, half, double-hung, or stable doors, Dutch doors do not look all that different from regular doors at first glance. However, they are designed to allow the top half of the door to be opened while the bottom remains closed. Dutch doors are subtle enough to stand out without garnering too much attention, and they’re a great choice if you would like to keep an eye on the kids while they’re outside or if you enjoy feeling the breeze drift through your home on a nice day.

French Doors

French DoorsAlthough they are much more commonly used as balcony, patio, or garden entrances, French doors also make lovely front doors. While you can install a single-sided French door, the standard double style provides an extra-wide entryway and instantly evokes luxury.

All it takes is a little customization to make your front door look less ordinary. If you’d like more information on custom exterior doors, contact a local Best Pick contractor who specializes in custom doors and windows.

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