It’s a common occurrence: your family is visiting, and you want your home to be presentable. Getting the house into shape for guests doesn’t have to be difficult. A few changes here and there can breathe new life into a room. Update and refresh your house before they arrive with these cleaning tips and tricks.

Spruce Up the Guest Room

Add a fresh coat of paint. If your guest room has looked the same since you moved in, transform it with a new color palette. Move the furniture out, lay down some plastic, and prep the walls, and in a day or two, the room will look significantly different for the cost of a few cans of paint. Consider light, soothing colors to make the room a pleasant retreat for your guests.

Use contrasting colors. Incorporate colors that contrast with the rest of the décor to draw the eye. Accent pieces, like throw pillows or lamps in bright blue or yellow, will stand out. Choosing an art piece that incorporates this accent color can tie the room together nicely.

Clean Highly Visible Areas of the House

Clean the kitchen in a circle. Start next to your range and work away from it, circling around your kitchen and tackling the stove and oven last. The stove is typically the part of the kitchen that builds up dirt and grease most quickly, so cleaning it last keeps you from spreading grime to other parts of the kitchen.

Modern tastefully decorated living roomStraighten up your living room. You’ll be spending a lot of time on the couch, catching up with your guests, so make sure it’s in good shape. Dust flat surfaces like shelves and tabletops, and use baskets or decorative boxes to keep clutter to a minimum. 

Don’t miss the bathrooms. As one of the only areas of the house where guests might have some time to themselves, it’s important that the bathrooms be spotless. Doing a quick and easy cleanup of the bathrooms your guests will be using makes sure they won’t feel uncomfortable using them.

Make a Good First Impression

flowers on top of tray in living roomClean the entryway. Make sure that your front door is free of cobwebs and that your porch lights work properly. If you have a welcome mat, ensure that it is clean. Your coat closet should be well organized and have plenty of room for coats and shoes.

Display fresh flowers. Nothing brings color and life into a room like a bouquet of fresh cut flowers. Choose seasonally appropriate blooms, like tulips in the spring or chrysanthemums in the fall.

Keep these home organizing and guest room design ideas in mind. The next time you have your in-laws over, delight them with warm and inviting new sights and smells. A little bit of preparation goes a long way toward making a great impression.

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