If you’ve been on Pinterest lately, you’ve probably found dozens of DIY projects for your home that you are dying to get your hands on. Whether it’s for your landscaping, interior, or home decor, home improvement projects can be fun, easy, and relaxing.

If you are wondering which projects you should tackle first, we can help. Check out this list of simple DIY tasks you can knock out in a day.

Make Over the Front Door

blue front door with vintage accentsYour front door is major player when determining whether your home is a dud or a stud in the curb appeal department.

If your current door is less than welcoming, it’s not difficult to give it a makeover without the expense of replacing it. Depending on the style of your home, you could add vintage-looking touches to the entryway with a new handle, style-appropriate house numbers, and a beautiful light fixture.

If you’re feeling daring, consider painting the door a bright color and adding a metal kick-plate.

Revamp the Mirrors

Are the mirrors in your home a little lackluster? If you still are living with boring, construction-grade mirrors, it’s time to transform them. An easy way to do this is to embellish the edges of the mirror with molding, the size and style of which is up to you. You can also remove the old mirror entirely and replace it with a decorative hanging one.

Upgrade the Ceiling Fan

You can make over your ceiling fans without replacing them. First, detach the blades to clean them. Next, paint them a fresh color that’s complementary to your home’s color schemes.

If the fan also has a light fixture, take off any removable parts for cleaning and replace them with updated shades and bulbs. Don’t forget to reinstall the blades exactly as they were; otherwise, the fan may circulate air in the wrong direction.

Edge the Lawn

Nothing boosts your home’s curb appeal like a well-manicured lawn. Tidy up your yard by:

  • Cutting a crisp edge on grassy areas
  • Weeding and pruning your flowerbeds
  • Laying fresh mulch

A sharp delineation between the lawn and the beds goes a long way toward improving the overall look of your lawn.

Clean the Windows

Clear windows make your home look better both from the inside and outside. On the interior, clean all your windows with a streak-free cleaner. Outside, give the windows and screens a good scrubbing to make them shine in the sun.

If your windows could use more than a cleaning, consider adding decorative shutters or colorful window boxes.

Reface the Fireplace

black fireplace against a cream wallAfter frequent use during the winter, your fireplace might not be looking its best.

If you have a wood-burning fireplace, the easiest improvement is to clean the soot and stains off the front. A stiff-bristle brush works best on brick. You might also consider painting the brick in a complementary color, or simply choose black or white.

For gas-burning inserts, re-facing the structure of the fireplace with wood moldings, paint, or tile can really impact the look of your living room.

Don’t neglect the hearth, either. This area in front of the fireplace is ideal for ceramic tile or marble.

Update the Light Fixtures

Both indoor and outdoor light fixtures play a big role in the overall appeal of your house. Certain materials and styles popular years ago now look dated and can bring down your home’s value. Fortunately, these are easy to switch out for more modern choices.

If buying new fixtures isn’t in your budget, you can always paint the ones you have. Gold or brass fixtures will benefit from a quick coat of black paint. The same goes for wooden fixtures, particularly oak. Brushed metal, rubbed bronze, and solid black fixtures look best in modern homes.

If you’re a DIY enthusiast willing to get your hands dirty, these seven easy home remodeling ideas should get the ball rolling for your upcoming projects.