With fall just days away, get a jump start on decorating the house! These DIY decorations are fun for all ages and will spruce up your home just in time for your first autumn get-together.

Crafts with Natural Accents

 cinnamon sticks in a wooden boxCinnamon candles are an easy way to add some style and seasonal aroma to any room in your home. You will need a basic candle, cinnamon sticks, a rubber band to bind them to the candle, and crafty ribbon to conceal the rubber band.

This cinnamon stick candle uses twine to hide the rubber band, but you can pick any color ribbon or material that matches your living space. You can choose to set it around other fall candles or let it stand alone.

Sunflowers are beautiful fall flowers that will bring some brightness into your home. Stick the stems into a Styrofoam ball to make a sunflower decoration to hang over the table or use as a sitting centerpiece.

Quick Woodworking Projects

Another DIY fall craft is a decorative pumpkin stand made out of wood, paint, and your imagination. You will just need a couple of power tools, like a saw and a drill, to cut the wood to the right shape and connect all the pieces.

Otherwise, it’s a quick and easy project. You can upcycle some old fence posts to create the shape of a pumpkin. It doesn’t have to be perfect—all pumpkins are of different shapes.

After you’ve connected the four fence post pieces to a small plywood tray, have the kids paint it and fill it with pine cones, flowers, or other fall decorations.

Decorative owls have been a rising trend in recent years, so why not make your own wood slice owl? You can stain the wood that serves as the body of the owl, or you can leave its natural color. Then, you just attach a picture hanger and glue on the spoon nose, fork feet, and jar lid eyes.

Burlap Crafts

burlap with scissors and lace on top next to a crafty vaseIn recent years, the burlap wreath has been one of the most popular fall decorating ideas. There are only seven basic materials required, and you can customize the wreath to feature your initials, your favorite sports team logo, or just some fall-inspired decorations, like painted acorns.

If you don’t have the time to make a wreath or pumpkin stand, a burlap table runner might be a good option for you. It will add texture to the table and complement any other decorations you might want to put on or around it.

Note that sometimes it can be tricky to cut burlap without unraveling the thread. After you cut it, you can add some lace or other decorative ribbons around the edges.

These DIY fall decorations are sure to help you welcome the season and your guests in no time. Let your décor fall into place without sacrificing too much time or energy.