Choosing a centerpiece is more complicated than you might think. If the centerpiece is too big, it might disrupt conversation; if it’s too fragile, it might break; and if it’s too small, it might not fit the aesthetic of the room. Check out these ideas for creative centerpieces that will make your dining room table more festive.

Vegetables from the Garden

If you’ve just collected an abundance of homegrown food, you could make a vegetable centerpiece. It’s natural, and it creates a talking point for guests. Also, whenever you need a fresh zucchini or tomato to throw into your cooking, your vegetables will be right there at your fingertips. Just make sure the dog doesn’t get too curious and decide to steal your creation. Luckily, this centerpiece is easy to stow away from pets at night and place back out in the mornings. Depending on how much you use the vegetables from your centerpiece, you may have to rotate different kinds every couple of days. Vegetable centerpieces are easy to arrange and rearrange as many times as you need depending on the event you’re hosting, the vegetables you gather, and the effect you want the produce to have.

Pumpkin-Succulent Topiary

pumpkin centerpiece with fall flowersIf you really love the idea of a pumpkin centerpiece, planting some succulents on top or inside of a pumpkin creates an interesting dynamic between seasonal and year-round plants. Creating the arrangement on top will last longer than planting it inside will, but either arrangement makes for a nice centerpiece. Plus, you can get multiple pumpkins to decorate and place in other areas of your home. You can choose small pumpkins for accent tables or a larger one for your main dining room. Just buy spray adhesive, moss, and some succulents, and you’re on your way to festive fall decorations.

Plant Box Table Runners

plant box on table outdoorsThese boxes vary in size and can be customized to fit any table if you make them yourself. This plant centerpiece will last you through the whole year if you swap out flowers for different seasons. While daisies are great for the spring and summer, you might want to try perennial sunflowers or some herbs for fall. If you’re worried about dirt escaping onto the table, you can use fake plants to avoid any such scenarios. To build your own plant box centerpiece, all you need is a staple gun, wood glue, wood, measuring tape, paint, and sandpaper.

If you’re not sure where to find a centerpiece for your table, start with nature. Fall provides plenty of colorful plants and accents you can use to make sure your table decorations reflect the season and match with your dining room. Vegetables, pumpkins, and other plants are all possible sources of inspiration for a dining area arrangement that you and your guests will love.