Most household items can be taken away by junk removal companies, with the exception of hazardous materials such as old paint, solvents, household chemicals, asbestos, and motor oil. Because special licenses and procedures are required to dispose of these materials, many junk removal companies refrain from dealing with them.

That still leaves a wide range of refuse that can be hauled out by reputable collection services. While simply being rid of the junk is good enough for most homeowners, some may wonder what exactly will happen to that decades-old couch, worn-out refrigerator, or stack of old cement blocks that were carried out of the basement.


Sorting basic recyclables can be a time-consuming process for most homeowners, but junk removal services go even further with their recycling efforts, breaking down items that you might not even think of as recyclable. 

Junk haulers aim to recycle as many of the items they take in as possible. Junk King, for example, recycles up to 60 percent of what it collects, including metal and wood components of furniture and appliances, and even concrete from old foundations or patios.


Furniture, appliances, books, clothing, and other items that are still usable and in good to fair condition are often sent to various charity organizations as donations. Junk removers work with numerous charities—from Goodwill to The Salvation Army to Habitat for Humanity—to place items they can use. 

Some junk removal companies, such as Junk King, will even go in search of lesser known charities that will rehome items that other organizations might pass up, which may go to outfit living spaces for the needy, provide goods for the homeless, or get shipped to refugee centers around the world.


After recycling and donations, the remaining refuse is carried off to local landfills. Haulers are charged by weight for anything they dump, so they are motivated to lighten the load by maximizing their recycling efforts.

Consignment/Sale Outlets

In most jurisdictions, the junk that removal companies take away legally becomes their property once it has been transferred to their trucks. For this reason, some junk removal companies also consign or sell items of higher value as an additional revenue stream for the company, though this practice is limited within the industry.

Professional junk removal companies have the skills, resources, and contacts to dispose of your unwanted junk quickly, efficiently, and in ways that benefit the planet and the less fortunate. 

For many people, though, the biggest benefit is the fresh, clean space in the home they’ve gotten back.

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