Insects are about as fond of the cold weather as humans are, so naturally, they find a way inside. Bugs and other critters don’t stop existing just because it’s cold. In fact, they might be closer than you think.

Brown Recluse Spiders

brown recluse camouflaged in winter grassBrown recluse spiders like to make homes in undisturbed areas like closet floors, the underside of a porch, or inside piles of clothing. They can survive months without eating and will bite humans if they feel threatened. A bite from a brown recluse should be treated by medical personnel as soon as possible.

House Mice

mouse in attic wallEven a dime-sized hole is big enough for a mouse to crawl into your attic and walls. If you don’t seal holes on the outside of your home, mice can get in and chew through drywall, wood, and insulation as well as wires, which could cause electrical fires.


termites on decomposing woodTermites might not be readily visible in the winter months, but they could still be reproducing in your home. Termites usually live in colonies of up to several million in size and can cause severe, expensive damage to your home once they become active when the warm weather hits.

Asian Lady Beetles

Asian lady beetle on a berryYou might have heard that it’s good luck to find a ladybug in your home, but the insect you’re seeing could be an Asian lady beetle instead. To prevent these bugs from infesting your walls, seal any cracks, and replace weather stripping around doors and windows.

German Cockroaches

group of cockroaches on white backgroundGerman cockroaches are not limited to the towns of Kafka’s story. In fact, they are the most common kind of cockroach in houses and apartments in the United States. They will seek shelter in the kitchen or bathroom after hitching a ride inside on grocery bags and in boxes. Keeping your house clean and promptly recycling empty boxes will help to keep the cockroaches outside.

Carpenter Ants

carpenter ant in wood backgroundAnts definitely enjoy the warmth and food they can find in your house, so they set up nests around moisture-rich places, like bathroom sinks and dishwashers. After using an insecticide to get rid of the problem, inspect wood for damage or decay caused by these pests.


Raccoon on a fenceIf your home has any holes, doggy doors, or chimneys, a raccoon will view them as access points for a den. While raccoons are highly intelligent creatures, they don’t just leave because you ask them politely. There are humane ways to remove this kind of resident, so there’s no need for violence.

Winter is the best time to cozy up with some hot chocolate and a blanket. Just be sure you aren’t sharing your home with winter pests that want to warm up with you. Call a local Best Pick pest control company to avoid a pest guest.