If you’re tired of having to climb over layers of dusty boxes and sort through unused tools to find what you’re looking for in your garage, it’s definitely time to reorganize. These seven organization tips will help you transform any garage from a crowded mess into a clean, orderly storage area or workspace where you can find everything you need in the blink of an eye.

Put Like With Like

Before you start putting everything in its place, choose a designated location for everything. Group similar items together—such as garden tools, sports equipment, stored furniture, workbench necessities, or decorations—and designate a section of your garage for each different type of item you’d like to store.

full shoe rack on wooden floor

Leave Your Coat at the Door

The area around your entry door can make an excellent mudroom. Lay down a doormat, provide shelves or racks for your shoes, and mount a few hooks or curtain rods to hang your outerwear before entering your home.

tools hanging on pegboard

Get Inventive With Wall Space

Pegboards, slatted walls, magnetic wall strips, mounted hooks, and even sections of PVC piping can all help keep your tools and belongings organized and out of your way.

storage space with wire wall and ceiling shelves

Create Your Own Shelving System

Repurposed metal planters, wire baskets, and plastic recycling bins can easily be affixed to your walls and used as extra storage space. Don’t forget about your ceiling, either—the top of your garage is a great place to hang your bikes or to install a system of sliding bins, baskets, or shelves.

shoes stored in clear plastic bin

Reduce, Reuse, Reorganize

You can create plenty of extra floor storage out of containers you may already have on hand. Storing your belongings in stacked open crates or plastic bins, empty cubbies, or even labeled buckets will help you keep your floor clear and easily see where everything is.

labeled tins of screws and nails

Every Little Thing Counts

Keep track of small supplies like screws or batteries by organizing them in small, labeled containers. Used spice jars, stacked muffin tins, and empty gum or mint tins can all do the trick.

garage organized and decorated with wall art

Make the Garage a Part of Your Home

Your garage is technically one of the rooms of your home, so give it the décor it deserves. Hanging a series of curtains in front of your garage walls can add a nice aesthetic touch to a typically utilitarian space. You can even go the extra mile by installing a large screen door in addition to your garage door, letting in some fresh air while you enjoy your hobby space.

These organization methods are just the beginning. Creative thinking and careful planning will go a long way toward helping you design the right garage organization system for your home.

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