There’s nothing quite like a space that is both functional and stylish, but it can be hard to bring great style into your home without a little help. Here are seven spaces showing off some of the coolest interior design trends of the day and a few tips on how to get the look for yourself.

1.        Say It With an Accent

living room area with accent wall split horizontally, the top half painted beige, the bottom brownThis two-toned statement is a safer version of the ever-popular accent wall. Instead of a bold hue, splitting the wall between two neutrals breaks up monotony and allows you to make your trendy statements with accent pieces.

2.        Careful Continuity

large kitchen area with accent wall made of reclaimed wooden slatsKeeping the major pieces in the same color scheme creates a warm sense of harmony in this kitchen space. Modern accents, like chairs and countertops, in neutral tones let the natural materials be the star without feeling dated.

3.        Balancing Act

large couch positioned between a decorative tree and lamp underneath a large clockLarge furniture can overwhelm a living room, but anchoring it to a wall and using equally large pieces to frame the sofa creates balance.

4.        Monochro-Magic

all white bedroom with large windows, a colorful rug, and decorative southwestern plantsWhite on white is a modern design scheme that is easy to accessorize and update. The sparse warm-toned accent pieces, linen curtains, and simple plants give this bedroom an uptown desert vibe that prevents it from feeling sterile. Plus, keeping furniture under the window line makes the room feel bigger and brighter organically. 

5.        Pattern Pairing

black, white, and red decorated bedroom with pillows and carpets in various patternsWho says you can’t match a pattern with another pattern? Create a dynamic and whimsical atmosphere by mixing textures and patterns in complementary colors.

6.        Satisfying Symmetry

Symmetrical decor is an easy way to give your space a sense of balance and continuity. The paired chairs, lighting, and wall decor create a pleasing frame for the central couch and oversized ottoman, and the neutral tones help compliment the bright green centerpiece without feeling disjointed. 

7.        Mismatched Is the New Black

modern kitchen with glossy red cabinets and wooden detailMake your kitchen anything but ordinary by mixing colors and materials in your space. These glossy cabinets add far more than a “pop” of color to this kitchen’s design scheme. Combined with the mixed materials, this kitchen is sleek and modern with a boatload of personality.  

Whether you’re going for structured minimalism or a flamboyant series of statement pieces, these design tips will help you make your space the envy of friends and Instagram followers everywhere.