There is nothing worse than the clutter and chaos of an overstuffed, undersized closet. For those who don’t have the luxury of a walk-in closet, learning how to manage space is paramount for a clean and easy-to-use closet. Read up on our top ways to turn that tiny closet into a more usable, controlled, and tidy storage space.

Declutter Your Closet Space

  1. a woman's closet, cluttered with itemsConsistently remove clothes you no longer wear. The task may seem daunting, but it can be accomplished in minutes. Sift through your collection, and assess what you have worn recently. If years have passed since you last wore that sweater, then it may be time to toss it out.

  2. Try not to hold on to keepsakes. Make sure your closet is filled with clothes you wear and items you use, not old memorabilia. Find a separate hiding spot to keep those fond memories around—maybe a bin under your bed, a hallway closet, or the attic.


Once you’ve sifted through your wardrobe and tossed or donated any unwanted items, it’s time to organize.

  1. Separate your closet items into categories. Divvy up the shoes, tops, and bottoms to see exactly what makes up most of your closet space. The specific categories you choose should be whichever ones work best for your wardrobe. Then, within your new groupings, consider arranging items by size, color, or type.

Clean, Clean, and Clean Some More

A white walled closet, filled with female apparelNow that your closet is hollowed out and your items are organized, break out the cleaning supplies.

  1. Don’t let a dusty closet ruin your nice clothes. Check for dust, random particles, and any uninvited guests—spiders, in particular—when cleaning your space. You never know what could be sitting at the bottom of your closet.


  1. Designate appropriate spaces to groups of items. Make sure to keep up with how much of each category you have when refilling your closet space. Do you have a ton of shoes? If so, you may not want to let them take up your entire shelf or floor space—getting a shoe rack for your front entryway may work better. Likewise, if you have a lot of bulky sweaters, it may be better to fold and stack them rather than allowing them to fill up limited hanging space.

  2. Think ahead. Do you anticipate stocking up on more winter wear soon? Leave some space for a new pair of boots or a few chunky sweaters. Having a plan will help you utilize your current space but also save a little empty space for the future, ensuring an organized closet year round. Consider the ultimate ramifications of your design choices in order to save time in the long run.

Celebrate Your Victory

Congratulations! Your cluttered closet has been conquered. With a clean, organized closet at your disposal, you can now celebrate. Jump up and down, scream with joy, or just stare in awe at your new-and-improved closet space.