Your yard is one of the biggest factors affecting your home’s curb appeal. While it can easily become a large project, there are some fairly simple ways to spruce up your outdoor space. If you’re looking for ideas on how to beautify your yard, consider the following tips from the team at Best Pick Reports.

Clean Up

Perhaps the easiest way to improve your yard’s appearance is to clean up what’s already there. A shabby exterior can turn potential buyers away before they even step foot inside your home, so in addition to keeping up with regular lawn and landscape maintenance, take the following steps to make your yard look tidy:

  • Reapply the mulch around trees and in flowerbeds, or put down mulch if you’ve never done so.

  • Consider edging your lawn and garden beds.

  • Cover any dead spots in the yard with new grass or flowers.

  • Repair anything that could benefit from it—fence posts, the mailbox, lawn ornaments, lighting fixtures, cracks in the driveway, etc.

Plant a Tree

Adding curb appeal can be as simple as planting a tree. Mature trees typically provide the greatest return on a home’s value because potential buyers often look for landscaping that offers shade and privacy. Nonetheless, young trees that are healthy and well cared for promise these qualities down the line, so they can still add value. Just be sure to choose a species that is well suited to the climate, and learn how to plant it correctly.

Add Color

Manicured Home and YardColorful flowers look really striking against the neutral backdrop of a house, particularly when surrounded by a healthy landscape. Additionally, because planting flowers requires careful planning, it shows potential buyers that your home is worth caring about.

Hide Storage Structures

While having outdoor storage or work space like a shed or detached garage can certainly increase your property’s value, such buildings are typically not the nicest things to look at unless they’ve been designed to blend with the rest of your home’s exterior. Take advantage of simple landscaping ideas, such as planting trees and hedges or constructing raised flowerbeds, to conceal them from passersby.

Invest in Outdoor Art and Lighting

Evening In The GardenOutdoor lighting is perhaps the most versatile way to jazz up your yard, as it can be used to generate any atmosphere you wish. Also, decorating your landscape with outdoor art turns your yard into an extension of your home and lets future buyers know it’s an enjoyable place to spend time.

Create a Mini Retreat

Nothing makes you savor being outside quite like a space reserved just for that. Set up an alcove or seating area somewhere in your yard—preferably not right next to the house. Even if you don’t think you would use it, prospective buyers will be able to envision how they might utilize the space, which can make it feel homier.
Enhancing your yard is a fantastic way to attract potential buyers, and it doesn’t necessarily require loads of time or money. If you’d like more advice, contact a local Best Pick company that specializes in landscaping or tree services, or check out even more ideas for boosting your curb appeal before selling your home.

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