Advances in technology have propelled us into the future. While we continue to wait for hoverboards to hit the market, in the meantime, we can turn our attention to home automation systems. With a mobile device, touchpad, or a simple voice command, you can control different areas of your home, but perhaps one of the best features of home automation is the ability to monitor your property and receive alerts concerning the activity in your house.

Safety Alerts

Today’s security systems are highly sophisticated, offering a variety of features that increase your monitoring capabilities and go beyond door and window sensors. With cameras, motion sensors, and keypad door locks, you can upgrade your security and increase your peace of mind.

Safety Alerts That Protect Points of Entry

Everyone has experienced a hectic morning that just didn’t get off to the right start. You wake up late and make a mad dash through your morning routine. When you’re halfway down the road and can finally breathe at a normal pace, you start to wonder in all your haste whether you put the garage door down. With a garage door sensor, you’ll not only have the ability to check if your door is securely closed, but you will also receive an alert if your door was opened and not closed afterward.

Keypad door locks allow you to keep track of everyone who enters and exits your home, and with some systems, you can receive alerts when someone uses his or her unique code to unlock the door. Not only will you be able to monitor the activity in your home, but you can say goodbye to the days of trying to find your house key with an armful of bags.

Motion sensors detect movement in your house when there shouldn’t be any. They monitor larger, open spaces and help reduce the need for door and window sensors in the areas that they cover. And if you have furry little friends, the monitor is sophisticated enough to recognize pets under 40 pounds as friendlies and not enemies.

Safety Alerts That Protect Against Disaster

Perhaps one of the greatest advantages of today’s sophisticated systems is their ability to alert you to disasters as soon as they start. If a fire is detected, your monitoring service can quickly dispatch the fire department to your house before it’s had a chance to cause any major damage. You can also have your system monitor carbon monoxide, an odorless gas that’s deadly and difficult to sense without a detection device.

Today’s systems can even protect your home against the two most common sources of flooding—ground intrusion and frozen pipes. Have a security system professional install high-water sump pump alarms that provide protection against ground water intrusion and low temperature alarms that alert you to freezing temperatures. If the system detects trouble, you can receive an alert before any major damage occurs.

Safety Alerts That Protect Seniors and Disabled Individuals

Aging in place allows seniors to enjoy the comforts of home as they grow older. In order to do so, it’s important to make adjustments to the house to create a safe living environment. Home automation can greatly improve the lifestyle of a senior who decides to live out his or her retirement at home. Children of seniors can feel safe knowing that their parents have a senior-based, 24-hour monitoring system. They can even be alerted if their parents experience a break-in or happen to fall down while they’re home alone. Some systems will even remind seniors to take their medication and alert a caregiver if the dose isn’t taken.

Energy Management Alerts

Besides keeping you safe, home automation systems can also save you money. You can really step into the future with a system that allows you to control energy usage with the touch of a button.

Energy Management Alerts That Save You Money on Your Light Bill

With the help of a control panel or mobile device, you can operate the lights in your home whether you’re across the room or across the country. If you’re on vacation, simulate the appearance of being home, or if the lights have accidently been left on, turn them off to conserve energy and save yourself from an expensive bill.

Energy Management Alerts That Save You Money on Your Heating and Cooling Bill

Thermostat controls go beyond controlling the system wirelessly and programming heating and cooling schedules. More advanced systems send you alerts when it’s time to change filters or perform maintenance. These systems are great at saving you money and helping you maintain your system to ensure optimal use.

Home automation has been around since the 70s and has only gotten better over time. We have now stepped into the age of wireless home automation, which has opened the door for a number of new smart home products. As we continue to improve upon our current devices, new innovations are bound to provide added security and convenience to our daily lives.

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