The first step to making a well-informed home improvement choice is to know what you’re looking for, and choosing new window shades and blinds is no exception. Familiarizing yourself with the different benefits that various types of window blinds have to offer can give you the insight you need to choose the best window shutters for your home. The chart below depicts several key features of shades, shutters, and blinds that you should be educated on before making a buying decision.

Term What It Measures What To Look for
R- Value Insulation efficacy Higher number is better
Shading Coefficient Heat gain of window with treatment vs. a bare window Lower number is better
UV Transmittance Amount of UV radiation admitted, expressed as a percentage Lower percentage is better
Sound Absorption Amount of sound absorbed Higher number is better
Visual Transmittance Amount of visual light let in Select by preference

Whether you’re looking to shut out sound or let in more light with less heat, learning the lingo of window covering technologies can contribute to a happier shutter shopping experience and a more comfortable home. Read more about different types of window coverings and what they have to offer.

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