When it comes to decorating your new home or reevaluating a large living space, too many design choices can seem overwhelming. If, on the other hand, you are contemplating small bedroom design, the limited choices can make the remodeling process even more frustrating. Luckily, there’s a solution. With these quick and easy tips on design, you can turn your small bedroom into a master suite with little to no hassle.

1. Utilize Your Walls

small bedroom, with a mirror door closetWhen decorating a small bedroom, you’ll want to give the room as much depth as possible. Color is an effective tool for just that.

Choose a lighter color when deciding on a color scheme for your bedroom walls. Lighter colors will create a sense of openness within your room. Likewise, darker colors can make your space feel more claustrophobic.

What are you hanging on your walls? Paintings and pictures can improve the aesthetic of your home, but a good mirror can add depth to your smaller rooms. Consider hanging a mirror or two in your bedroom to open it up.

2. Arrange Your Furniture

Arranging furniture in small rooms can be tricky, but don’t let that stop you from filling your room with great furniture.

In a small bedroom, the bed is the best asset at your disposal. Choose a bed with built-in storage compartments to save space, or consider using a raised bed. With a raised bed, you can store all your larger items underneath and protect your bed’s integrity with a colorful skirt.

Double down on your furniture. If your bed can serve two purposes, so can the rest of your furniture. Try to get the most use out of your gear by making every item multipurpose. For instance, a desk can also act as a nightstand with some strategic furniture arrangement.

3. Shine Your Light

bedroom with lamps and recessed lightingLighting is often overlooked when considering home design. Don’t let poor lighting ruin your decor.

Use multiple sources to light your room. Lighting affects the ambiance of a space, and scattering lamps throughout the room can give it a more open feeling. While an overhead light will fill the room, consider lighting each quadrant of your bedroom with different light sources to brighten and open up your space.

Dim the lights. To give your bedroom a more tranquil mood, dim your lights. This will help your bedroom feel more relaxing and comfortable, even if you don’t have much space. To soften your light sources, consider lamp shades, candles, or even colored light bulbs.

With a simple strategy for coloring, decorating, and arranging your small bedroom, you can transform it into a master suite. Try out these home design tips, and enjoy your new and improved bedroom.