Moving may be exciting, but the process itself is almost never fun and is usually pretty pricey.

You may be tempted to save some coin by bribing your friends to do the heavy lifting in exchange for pizza, but there are several reasons this may not be the best route. In this blog post, Foxx Movers, a Best Pick moving company in Houston, points out three things to consider “before you decide who to trust with the transport of the things that make your house a home.”

  1. Professional movers are trained to get your belongings from point A to point B safely and efficiently. Foxx Movers writes, “They are employees who sign contracts . . . and [have] a boss they report to.”
  2. Moving companies use vehicles and packing equipment that are designed specifically for moving and are built to minimize potential damage to your things.
  3. If damage does occur, a professional mover will take full responsibility and pay for the replacement of broken items. When you recruit friends or amateur movers, you are typically the one who has to shell out cash if something doesn’t arrive in good condition.

Overall, Foxx Movers recommends that you “consider moving an investment and make an educated choice” when selecting movers.

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