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When it comes to using unfamiliar terminology, few home service contractors can outdo roofers. Many homeowners are intimidated by the use of technical jargon and afraid to ask questions, even though they’re entrusting the contractor with their money and their home. Homeowners who are prepared to talk shop with their roofer will have a better understanding of the roofing process and be better able to ask the right questions. With that in mind, we’d like to offer a handy list of important roofing terms for homeowners to consult before talking to a roofer:
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Cool Roofs

With energy costs zapping more and more of homeowners’ budgets, many are looking for ways to reduce their electricity usage. Some of the more popular strategies include unplugging idle electronic devices, turning the thermostat down a few degrees, and purchasing ENERGY STAR-rated appliances. However, there is also a less well-known part of the home that can produce energy savings: the roof...
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Mark Ashe, president of Echols Roofing, Siding & Home Improvements, has a warning for homeowners: “I do not know one local, professional roofer that sends crews of men out to knock on doors. You do not do business with somebody that solicits you first for anything....The people that knock on your door, even if your roof is new and pristine, they’re going to come off that ladder and tell you, ‘Oh, you’ve got storm damage.’”
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Although there are several components working in tandem that compose a roof, none is more visible, and arguably more important, than its shingles. Choosing the right material to serve as the skin of your roof involves weighing the relative importance of many attributes, such as price, durability...
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Here are just a few terms that are useful to know when dealing with a professional waterproofing contractor...
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