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"Tint-Pro has worked in the Delaware, Lehigh, and Brandywine Valleys since 1986. Our sales team has both the knowledge and expertise to assist you with choosing the appropriate window film product to alleviate your particular issues, and our technicians are trained to handle the most challenging installations."

Bob Swartley | Owner

Areas Served:

Montgomery County, Chester County, The Main Line, Bucks County, Delaware County

  • Services Offered
    Tint-Pro provides window tinting services for homes and businesses. The company offers a variety of sun control, safety and security, and decorative window films. Tint-Pro offers 3M window film products.
  • Services Not Offered
    The company does not provide automotive window tinting.
  • Warranty
    3M window films installed by the company come with a lifetime residential warranty.
  • Awards & Certifications
    The company is an authorized 3M Prestige Dealer.
  • Company History
    Tint-Pro was founded in 1986.
  • Product Information
    The company has access to 3M's portfolio of window films, including Prestige and Night Vision Series Sun Control window films; Ultra and Ultra Prestige Safety and Security window films; and Fasara Series decorative window films.
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I liked everything about Tint-Pro. They produced what they said they were going to—it's been several years, and we've had no problems with our windows, so I would recommend them. We have a very high, very large room, and all those windows are taken care of.
The girl whose family owns it, Brianna, is very pleasant when she comes out. She doesn't try to upsell you anything, she sells you exactly what you're looking for, and then when the technicians come out they have a couple guys. I've had them do work in my house two or three times. The technicians are always professional, they never leave a mess, and they do exactly what they're supposed to do. The second time the guy came out, I showed him some windows he'd done the first time that had bubbles. He took it right off and redid it without charging me more. They have done 36 windows in my entire house. I think somebody recommended them to me. They're an A+.
They tinted some three-by-three windows for me, and I liked that it cut down on some of the glare in our family room. We got them through a recommendation from friends. I don't have any complaints, so I'd rate them A+.
They showed us examples of what the window would look like, because we face west, so we get a lot of sunlight on the rugs. It was a large picture window on the front of the house. They answered our questions. I have no complaints, so they get an A+. We had no problems at all.
It's been several years but the work is fine. I didn't have any problems. They just tinted our windows in our family room and sunroom, because we get the sun in the morning, and we didn't want it to fade the hardwood floors. Their customer service was fine. We'd used them many years ago when we lived locally, so when we moved, we chose them again. Somebody had referred us that first time. They earned an A+.
They tinted a sunroof window. I like that the sun doesn't shine on me now every time I do my ironing. The people who installed it were very nice and professional. They get an A.
The window tinting makes it cooler and saves the furniture, which the main thing I like about it. They did five windows on the front area where the sun actually came in. Everything went fine, and they installed it fine, so it's serving its purpose.
They did a great job. They were very professional and experienced with tinting the windows. We were very happy with them. We have a double-level family room where they tinted the top windows because we didn't want to put window treatments on them. We'd put shutters on the bottom, but on the top the sun comes in in the morning, and there was a glare on the TV, so they put it on the top of five windows. They also put it on our sliding door to the kitchen and our French doors on the back, because the sun is in our backyard for most of the day. In our last home, there was fading going on with the sun beaming in every day, so we wanted to protect it. I actually went to their location where they have the different shades. I didn't know which one I wanted to do, so she told me to come to their office so I could kind of get a sense of what the tinting levels are, and it was great. It's such a big difference since we've had them. If you open any of the doors when the sun's beating down, you can't believe how bright it is, because you can hardly even see it from inside. It's really neat. They showed me their client list of people in my area and there were a lot in the townhouses next door to where I live, so I felt comfortable because they had done a lot in the area. They also had said that I could call any one of them to see how happy they were with the product. I would rate them an A.
They did a good job tinting some windows. The product is good. We chose them because they were the only ones near us. They get an A because they were good.
They had customer service, they were very dependable, and they showed up on time. They tinted all throughout our home, and we notice a significant difference in controlling temperature in the hotter months.

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