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Atlantic Sun Control, Inc.

7th year as a Best Pick

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"Only through customer satisfaction will we receive referrals from our clients. Over 80 percent of our business is repeat business and referrals. Most of our residential customers have us in their homes to help with their sun control problems, whether it's harsh sun glare, solar heat gain, or sun bleaching of furniture and fabrics."

Chris Baccus | Vice President

Areas Served:

Prince William, Fairfax County, Loudoun County, Arlington County

  • Services Offered
    Atlantic Sun Control offers the sale and installation of window films for residential and commercial customers, including sun control films, bomb blast mitigation films, decorative/privacy films, smash-and-grab protection films, anti-eavesdropping films, and anti-graffiti films.
  • Warranty
    Warranties are issued in writing at the time of installation.
  • Distinctions
    The company belongs to a number of professional associations, including the International Window Film Association and the Protective Glazing Council.
  • Company History
    Founded in 1991, Atlantic Sun Control is still owned and operated by its original owners, Brien Looney and Chris Baccus. Brien focuses on government and commercial sales, while Chris focuses on marketing and business operations.
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They did a great job. They did some window tinting for me. I'd give them an A+. Atlantic did a really good job.
It was excellent. They did window tinting. They were on time, and they worked their way through pretty quickly. They did a good job, and the results were good. I'd give them an A.
I've been happy with it. Atlantic did window tinting, and I like the quality. I'd say they're an A. They're going to do the front of the house next.
I had all the windows tinted. I'd give them an A. They did a good job. I have already recommended them.
They were great. They were on time, and they were very neat. It would be an A, and I would recommend them.
Atlantic was fantastic. They did great. It was excellent work.
The work was done about a year ago. The people were nice, but they had to come out two or three different times to fix a couple of things. I wouldn't call any other company because they're the best. They tinted all the windows in my home. The stuff was great. They had to come out three times, but I'd give them an A—I haven't had any problems.
It's been great. They came out quickly, and it was a good match for what we already had. I'm very, very pleased. There were no problems. The big moon-shaped glass in our sunroom fogged up, and it's very, very large. It had to match all the other windows around it, and they were able to match it. They put it up around the moon shape. He spent a long time standing back and trying to get a good match. It wasn't a perfect match, but I had completely forgotten about it. Nobody noticed. We have the house on the market now, and it's doing great. Initially, I found Atlantic Sun Control in Best Pick Reports. I'd give them all A grades—they could not have done any better.
They were pretty straightforward. The salesperson came out and measured, and then he scheduled a follow-up visit for the installation. It was definitely easy, and there was no hassle. I would use them again. They put window films over six high windows. We have 16-foot ceilings with windows on top. I'd give them an A.
They did a good job, and we are happy with what they did. I believe the sealer that they put on the window is working. We always have our window open now—we used to always use the curtains and stuff like that, but now we don't worry about it. The people that came were good people. They were very helpful and pleasant, and they did a good job. They made sure the window was clean before they glued the film on, so we were very happy with them. They were pleasant, and we really liked them. I'd rate them as an A. They were very good.

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