2016 EBSCO Research Best Pick

Lakewood Window Cleaning

1st year as a Best Pick

  • A-Rated
  • Verified General Liability

"Lakewood Window Cleaning takes pride in our high customer satisfaction ratings, and we know how to keep clients happy. We're not done until the customer is satisfied, and you will know the cost of the job before we start--there are no hidden fees."

Blane Rush | Owner

Areas Served:

Greater Dallas, North Dallas

  • Services Offered
    Lakewood Window Cleaning performs pressure washing and exterior and interior window cleaning for residential and commercial customers. The company also cleans gutters, chandeliers, window screens, ceiling fans, and mirrors.
  • Services Not Offered
    Lakewood Window Cleaning does not provide housecleaning services.
  • Minimum Job
    All jobs require a $125 minimum.
  • Company History
    Co-owners Blane Rush and Michele Azzaro have operated the local, family-owned company since its founding in 2003. Blane is a US Navy veteran and has owned and operated window cleaning companies since 1997.
  • Employee Information
    Lakewood Window Cleaning employees wear uniforms and undergo background checks.
  • Additional Information
    The company uses biodegradable, USDA-approved cleaning products.

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They came on time and did the work. They washed my windows. He was perfect, and there were no problems.
They were really nice, and I remember that they did a good job. They cleaned all the windows in my house. I'd give them an A+—they were great.
They were able to handle my request, and the windows looked good after they left. They also cleaned a mirror inside my house. They deserve an A.
I've used Lakewood Window Cleaning for years. They are very professional, very dependable, they come when they says they're going to come, and they takes care of everything. They do a great job—they deserve an A.
They were an A. As a matter of fact, I'm getting ready to call them and have them back, and I have already recommended them to a couple of people.
They're great, and they follow up. I only do this once a year. They always call me and tell me it's time. They come when they say, and they don't disrupt anything they don't have to. They just do great work. They wash my windows. They deserve an A—they do a good job, and I don't have any complaints.
Lakewood Window Cleaning was on time, they were very polite, and they got the work done without trampling my flowers or my animals. They cleaned windows for me. I'd give them an A rating.
They were friendly, and they were on time. They did window cleaning. Overall, I give Lakewood Window Cleaning an A.
He did a good job—he showed up on time, did what he said he would, and I didn't need to follow up on his work. He did window cleaning. I give him an A, and I have already recommended him to a friend.
He showed up when he said he was going to show up, and he charged what he said he was going to charge. He worked quickly, and he did a good job. He did window cleaning. I would give them an A grade, and I've already recommended them to clients.

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