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Wheaton Door & Window

2nd year as a Best Pick

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We've been serving homeowners in the Baltimore-Washington corridor for 71 years. Established in 1945, our commitment is to quality you can count on, at prices you can afford.

Jack Weber | President

Areas Served:

Anne Arundel, Howard, Prince George's, Montgomery

  • Services Offered
    Wheaton Door & Window installs residential ENERGY STAR-rated vinyl, wood, and composite replacement windows. The company also installs a range of doors, including steel, fiberglass, and wood entry doors; patio doors; storm doors; and French doors.
  • Specializations
    Wheaton Door & Window specializes in difficult installations and historic renovations.
  • Warranty
    The company provides a lifetime labor warranty on installation and honors all manufacturers' warranties.
  • Awards & Certifications
    Wheaton Door & Window is an EPA Lead-Safe Certified Firm, a ProVia Platinum Dealer, and an OKNA Windows & Doors certified installer.
  • Company History
    Wheaton Door & Window was established in 1945 and has been in continual service for 71 years.
  • Licenses
    MHIC #125679

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I liked everything about Wheaton Door & Window. I cannot find anything that wasn't good—everything's perfect. A few years back, they did the exterior doors, and after all this time, the doors don't give us any problems. They've stayed good. Last year, we got some basement windows, and we're very happy with them about the quality of the windows they install. We are very, very happy. The first time I used them, I bought the doors because a friend of mine I used to work with recommended them to me, and the second time, we came back again because we were happy with them the first time. They did a good job the first time, and you call people again when that happens. I'd go with an excellent grade for them.
We had a wonderful experience with Wheaton Door & Window. Everything went good. I even had other contractors that came in after and told us that it's one of the better window jobs they've seen. They work for another company, and they've been doing windows for 13 years, so all I can say is good things. The best part is that they were fast. They were in here and out of here in two hours, and they were efficient. When I called because I had a problem, it was because I wasn't doing it right. I called the salesperson on a Saturday, and they tried their darnedest to do whatever they could to get somebody to make me happy—they called everybody they could find. I knew they were in a pickle, so I just said, 'The window's shut—just come whenever you can.' The salesperson actually told my husband on the phone how to close the window, so we didn't have to worry about it being open while it was raining or anything. They did almost every window—14 windows. I'd give them an A.
I liked the product that they gave me. They've done windows and doors for me, and the workmanship is always excellent. I've been back many times. I have an old house, and they've repaired almost all of the windows and doors. They've also done insulation. If they say they're going to be there to take a measurement for a door or for a window, they're here at the time they say they'll be here. They're good. They've earned an A grade.
With the quality of the work and the product, not only did I get what I ordered, but so far, it appears as though the installer did a great job. He did an incredible job—he really did. I bought the door, and they sent out an installer to put it in. He was very helpful. He explained how the door worked and all that, and then the person who came to sell the door was really helpful as well. I'd give them an A.
Wheaton Door & Window does a good job. I've been using them for a long time, and they do a perfect job. They've done doors, storm doors, and windows. Everything stands out about their customer service. I worked at a job in construction; that's how I came to know them, and then I started using them for my own things. They're definitely grade-A.
It was fine. He installed the door for me, and it was a perfect fit. He replaced an old, warped door. The chaps did their jobs splendidly. A neighbor used them and then recommended them. They get an A.
I was very happy; they did a great job. I had a folding door in my hallway, and we took out the folding door and put in French doors. We were able to take the molding off of the old doors and insert it on the exterior of the French doors, and they matched everything—they're perfect and very good quality.
The fact that they got the work done in the time that was designated and performed the work properly made it a positive experience. The last time, they made adjustments to the door. Their customer service was excellent.
Wheaton Door & Window was on time, they told me exactly what they were going to do, and they did a great job. They gave me a patio-to-den door, and they repaired a window and put one in the bedroom. I heard about them through someone else. I'd give them an A+.
The people who came into the house to install the windows were very organized, fast, and clean. They replaced all the window sashes in the front of my house—about nine windows. Their customer service was good. They're a local firm that's been around for a while, and I've known the name, so I chose them. I would give them an A+ rating.

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