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Power Home Remodeling Group

3rd year as a Best Pick

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For over 20 years, Power Home Remodeling has been the most trusted name in exterior remodeling—trusted because we care about our products being energy efficient and cost effective; trusted because we value integrity, honesty, and true craftsmanship; and trusted because we believe in total customer satisfaction.

Adam Kaliner | Founding Partner

Areas Served:

Montgomery, Howard, Anne Arundel, Prince George's

  • Services Offered
    Power Home Remodeling specializes in exterior remodeling services, offering window and door replacement as well as siding, roof replacement, gutters and gutter guards, and attic insulation.
  • Warranty
    The company offers a limited lifetime warranty on window and door products in addition to a lifetime labor warranty on all services.
  • Awards & Certifications
    Power Home was ranked fourth on Qualified Remodeler's 2015 Top 500 list and second on the 2014 Exterior Top 200 list. The company has also received Door and Window Market Magazine's Green Product of the Year award as well as two Bronze Stevie Awards for customer service.
  • Licenses
    MHIC #49706

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They installed some windows. I talked to the guy for quite a while, and he explained the windows and the workmanship. He presented everything to me and how the material would hold. I just thought it was different from anything I saw. They did a very good job—I can't deny that. They did an excellent job, from the way it looks to the way they took the time and did what they had to do. I would have to give them an A.
I thought that they were very thorough, very honest, and very helpful. After having spoken with them, I didn't even call another company. I was convinced that they were the ones I wanted. They did window replacement, and I have no complaints. They even cleaned up after themselves beautifully.
Everything went as planned—the scheduling and everything. The work was done according to what I expected, and I'm quite pleased. I chose them because I was impressed with so many angles of what Power Home did. There are a lot of people out there competing for your work, and they took a lot of time. The salesman was here for five hours explaining everything I needed to know about windows. If I hadn't had that opportunity, I probably wouldn't have even considered getting the windows. I was thinking about it for some time because I was getting tired of the ones that I had that were 50 years old—it was a lot of work to clean them. I was thinking maybe I should switch over to something a little easier to deal with. They're an A-grade company, I'd say.
I didn't have any issues. It went fine. It was what I expected. I was impressed by their representative—he sold the product. They did all the windows in the first floor and outer stairs leading up to the second floor. I'd give them an A grade.
Power Home put windows in for us. They were on time, and they did what they said they were going to do. They did it in a one-day time frame, and the windows were great. They're awesome. They were really the first company that we went to—we didn't look into any other companies. I would give them an A.
They were very professional. We loved the windows, and the workmanship was great. We were very pleased. They get an A from me.
They did windows and a patio door. They did an excellent job, and they got it done in one day. I'd rate them as an A.
I liked everything about Power Home Remodeling. They had very good customer service. They did a sliding door. I chose them because they actually offered what I wanted. They're an A+ company.
They showed up when they were supposed to, they worked good, and they got the job done. I went out and took a look at what they did. They showed it all to me, and then we agreed that everything looked OK. They put in some windows and some rainspouts, and they'll be back to install a front door. They had a gentleman talk to us, and we were very interested in the product—that's why we chose them. They're A+. They were very good.
As far as the salespeople, they worked in tandem. The guys who came out and did it were very congenial. They weren't forceful people. They just came out to look at something they said they weren't able to do, and I decided to let them do something else in the house based on talking with them. The guy who came out to do the work cleaned up the mess. There were no problems; it was done in a few hours, and it was very professional. They installed some patio doors. I was going to have a bay window put in, and they couldn't do it because the wall was a load-bearing wall. The winter was coming, and I was having problems sealing the French doors that went out to the patio. I had them install weatherproof doors. I'd give them an A. Their work was done well.

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