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Quinn Windows

2nd year as a Best Pick

  • A-Rated
  • Verified General Liability
  • Verified Workers' Comp

"We'd like to be your next contractor. Your home is likely your biggest investment, and you need someone trustworthy and knowledgeable to improve that investment. Our philosophy is simple: quality products, quality work, personalized service, and absolutely no gimmicks."

Conor Quinn | Owner

Areas Served:

Clayton & Henry County

  • Services Offered
    Quinn Windows installs fiber cement, vinyl, and traditional wood siding. The company installs steel, fiberglass, and wood patio and entry doors. Quinn Windows also offers vinyl, wood, fiberglass, and cellular PVC replacement and new-construction windows.
  • Services Not Offered
    The company does not replace glass or offer skylight services.
  • Minimum Job
    A $200 minimum is required.
  • Warranty
    In addition to manufacturer warranties, Quinn Windows offers a five-year labor warranty.
  • Company History
    Quinn Windows is a local, family-owned-and-operated business that was founded by Charles Quinn in 1980.

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They're wonderful. They just seemed very honest and down-to-earth. I felt like I was truly working with a family-owned business. The person that came out was extremely personable, and the person that came out to do the work was very respectful and efficient. They just worked and got it done. The whole experience was very positive. They were kind, and I just liked being around them. This time, he replaced eight windows. He had been out a year earlier to replace three other windows. I'd give them an A.
Quinn Windows did a good job. They were on time and came in on budget; I have no complaints. They replaced and repaired a number of our windows. We have very high windows, and they were able to take care of it. I think somebody referred me. I'd give them an A.
They were excellent and accurate. They did what they were supposed to do and cleaned up behind themselves. They replaced all the windows in my home. I found the company when I saw their sign somewhere. I'd give them an A grade.
It was extremely positive. They were very professional, clean, timely, and cost effective. I'm very, very pleased with their work. They did window replacement for me, and I'd rate them as an A.
We had them change our windows. I liked the way Mr. Quinn came out and spent as much time as we wanted talking about what kind of windows we wanted and what was best for us. I also liked the way they gave me a definite install date and showed up. There was a small problem with an incorrectly ordered window, and they took care of that promptly—that was all good. We replaced 13 windows on the bottom floor of our house. They get an A.
Quinn Windows did an excellent job. I recommended them to other neighbors. I thought they were very thorough, and they made some great recommendations. They were very clean about their service when they were here for the installation. I didn't feel like I was getting cheated.
They were on time, they did an excellent job cleaning up, and they did exactly what they said they would do. They replaced windows for me. I'd definitely give them an A rating.
I would grade Quinn Windows as an A.
It went well. They rebuilt a window for us, and it worked out well. They were responsive to our request, and they cleaned up after themselves very well. I had a large window where the wood was rotting out around the window, so I replaced the rectangular part, and they rebuilt the wood on the circular part at the top. They earned an A.
The owner of the company came out and looked at my windows. When they were installing the windows, they noticed some wood rot around my sill, and they actually fixed that, which was not part of what they had to do. They went over and above what they were contracted to do. The windows matched my house with what was there before. They replaced five windows. Somebody I worked with recommended them. I'd give them an A.

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