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Premier Waterproofing, LLC

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"Our goal is to exceed our customers' expectations by starting and finishing on time, offering competitive pricing, and using long-term, proactive solutions to keep your basement dry all the time. We pride ourselves in leaving the environment cleaner than it was when we began."

Sam Shear | Owner

Areas Served:

Montgomery County, Chester County, The Main Line, Bucks County, Delaware County

  • Services Offered
    Premier Waterproofing provides basement and crawl space waterproofing services to residential and commercial customers. The company also offers foundation repair, downspout extension, and basement finishing in addition to sump pump, egress window, French drain, and drainage system installation.
  • Minimum Job
    All jobs require a $1,500 minimum.
  • Warranty
    Premier Waterproofing offers a lifetime transferable warranty.
  • Company History
    The family-owned-and-operated company was founded in 1996. Owner Sam Shear has over two decades of industry experience.
  • Product Information
    Premier Waterproofing sells and services most brands of French drain supplies.
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I liked the owner of the company. He was very nice and oversaw everything. The workers couldn't have been nicer. They cleaned everything up. I mean when they were done, the place looked like they never even did anything. I definitely recommended them to a couple of my friends. I had my whole basement done. They dug it all up and put a trench down in there. I have two sump pumps, one in my workshop and then another one in the game room. I also had a plumbing company come out because my cousin was telling me about it. I was going to get a generator, because if it went down and I lost electricity, I would be screwed if the pumps wouldn't work. So, the system that I have now, I'm covered 100 percent, because mine works on the water system. There's a little level thing on it, and with the pumps that the plumber put in for me, if the electric pumps in there shut off for three minutes, it sends a signal to the other pumps to go on and automatically run off the public water. So there will always be two pumps working, whether it's the electric ones that Premier installed or the other one. That's what I wanted because my basement definitely got trashed before and I had the whole basement, like $30,000 worth of stuff, damaged. I didn't get covered for any of it because my area wasn't a flood zone, so I couldn't get flood insurance, but now with what happened to me, I'm insured if anything happens to the pumps. Thank God, because since I've had it done there were two occasions where neighbors around here got flooded and I didn't even get a drop. I came home from work, I walked down in my basement, and there were 16 to 18 inches of water. I'm talking about a loveseat, two couches, two La-Z-Boy chairs, furniture, TV, everything. I had to gut the whole thing. They did a super job. My sister-in-law had them, and that's how I heard about them. I was looking around for somebody to do the job, so I asked her, and she was very pleased with them. I'd give them A+. They did a great job.
They did a good job. They waterproofed the basement. I'd give them an A.
They showed up on time, did the job they were supposed to do, and then they were gone. They waterproofed the basement. I chose them over a different company because they had done some work for us previously and they're in the neighborhood. The overall customer service was good. I'd give them an A.
They waterproofed my basement. I'd give them an A. They did what they said they would do, and I expect that, but they did it.
They showed up when they said they were going to show up. They did the work, they were neat, and they were clean. I have nothing bad to say about them. They waterproofed our basement, and then they finished our basement. They get an A.
I haven't had a problem since they came, so they did a good job. They waterproofed the whole basement. I chose them over a different company because of recommendations, particularly from someone that I knew personally. The overall customer service was very good. I'd give them an A.
They accommodated our electrical requirements in terms of plugging in the sump pumps, and I liked the fact that they offer a transferable lifetime guarantee for no water in the basement. I'd grade them an A.
They got back to me almost immediately. They were very straightforward. They did the job, and it worked. I had two spots in the basement where water was coming in, and they sealed them. Their customer service was great. I'd rate them A.
They were very clear in spec'ing the job in the first place and about what the procedure would involve. They were very straightforward about scheduling. It was painless. They put French drains in the basement. They dug a trench in the basement, put gravel in the bottom of it, and then sealed the walls so that the water that comes against the foundation would drop down behind the walls into the trench and drain out of a single sump pump that they relocated from the middle of the room to the corner. It took them one day to complete the work. I would recommend them to friends. They earned an A.
I liked their professionalism, thoroughness, and follow-through. I had a leak in my basement, so they did waterproofing—sealing it up in the part where the leak would come from, and then replacing my sump pump with a more professional, better one. I chose them over a different company because they were local. Also, when they came out, I had three people come out, and I found that there was just something about Sam Shear that came across as credible. That's why I picked him over the others. I'd give them an A.

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