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Drainage & Erosion Solutions, LLC

5th year as a Best Pick

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"Our approach to each new project is to first identify the source of any problems with the property, and then design a solution that's proven to solve the problem. We're unique because we were founded and are still operated by a licensed Professional Engineer and a landscape designer who design and/or approve each drainage system."

Kenneth G. Fraine, PE | Owner

Areas Served:

Prince William, Fairfax County, Loudoun County, Arlington County

  • Services Offered
    Drainage & Erosion Solutions offers water management solutions, including foundation waterproofing, French drains, buried downspout and sump pump pipe extensions, wall and footing drains for foundation and retaining walls to alleviate hydrostatic pressure, and regrading of the ground surface to promote positive drainage. The company also provides stream stabilization and slope stability solutions.
  • Specializations
    Drainage & Erosion Solutions specializes in analysis, design, and installation of a variety of drainage and waterproofing systems to solve wet basement problems as well as wet yard, soil erosion, and stream stabilization issues.
  • Minimum Job
    The company requires an $800 minimum.
  • Warranty
    Drainage & Erosion Solutions offers a 10-year warranty on all drainage systems and a 20-year warranty on foundation waterproofing.
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Drainage & Erosion Solutions dug out the foundation and waterproofed the basement, and they did a great job. They were able to do all my special requests—that was what I liked about them. I'd give them an A+ because they were awesome.
They were able to do everything we asked of them. It was waterproofing work, but it was also landscape-related work to allow water to drain away from the house. The customer service was excellent. They were very professional, very easy to get along with, and very agreeable. They were excellent. They get an A.
Drainage & Erosion Solutions was very prompt and neat. They did a good job, and it took care of the problem. My backyard slopes down, and they corrected the flow of water so it goes away from the house. I would give them an excellent rating.
They came out to fix a basement leak, and they were excellent.
They certainly fixed the problem I had, and they did it quite quickly without leaving a mess. I had a water issue in the house, and they put in a French drain. I would certainly use them in the future. I found out about their service from Best Pick Reports, and they responded to my request in a timely manner. I would give them an A+ grade. I've actually recommended them to my neighbor.
They put in a sump pump on a rental property. They came in very quickly and took care of the problem. They did good work, and they returned everything back to its original shape after they dug everything up. Their work is good quality. They had a lot of people, so they got it done quickly. When I checked on the work the day after they came out, it was good and clean. I'd had to give them an A+.
Drainage & Erosion Solutions did a really good job. We had a major problem in our garage, so they came and dug all along the back of it. They put rebar in the walls, put in some plastic board to prevent any water from getting in the garage, and installed drains all the way to the street. The garage has stayed dry, so I would give them an A rating.
I liked their detail, responsiveness, and quality of work. They've done multiple drainage, waterproofing, and consulting projects for me. I think I've been using them for at least three years now. I found out about them from another one of the contractors I use. I would give them with an A.
Drainage & Erosion Solutions did some stone work. They did a good job with it; they fixed the problem. I would definitely recommend them. I'd give them an A because they did a good job.
They did basement waterproofing for me, and the quality of the work was excellent. If I had the need, I would use the company again. They do great work—I would give them an A+.

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