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Pioneer Basement

5th year as a Best Pick

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"Since 1984, we have provided healthy basement solutions to improve the basement or crawl space environments for clients living over them."

Steve Andras | President

Areas Served:

Greater Boston, MetroWest, North Shore, MetroWest South

  • Services Offered
    Pioneer Basement creates drainage and moisture control systems for basements and crawl spaces. The company installs waterproofing systems, sump pumps, vapor barriers, discharge lines, basement windows, air systems, and flooring. Pioneer specializes in crawl space encapsulation and foundation wall crack repair and offers a range of foundation repair services.
  • Warranty
    Pioneer offers a life-of-house warranty on drainage system installations and a three- to five-year warranty on sump pumps and battery backup systems.
  • Distinctions
    Pioneer Basement has on staff BHA Certified Waterproofing Specialists and a Certified Structural Repair Specialist.
  • Company History
    The company was started in 1984.
  • Additional Information
    The company uses Grate Products, an industry manufacturer and training resource that was created by Pioneer President Steve Andras and his team in 2006.
  • Licenses
    HIC 112382

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Pioneer Basement did a great job, and we were very pleased. They put a drainage system in my basement. They came when they said they'd come, and they got things done on schedule. They were very clean, very respectful, and very professional. A+.
They're a stand-up company. I had a wet basement and couldn't put any furniture in it, and they did an incredibly beautiful job. I'll give them an A+.
I liked everything. The tech that came was very knowledgeable and very respectful. He took his time to explain everything, and he was a real nice, personable guy. They do it right; they really do. They're an A+.
They did a sump pump. They were very quick, professional, timely, and mannered. I'd give Pioneer Basement an A+ overall, and I'd recommend them.
They've done a couple of jobs for me. We're actually a contractor, and any place we work, I get Pioneer to do it. They've done a couple of drainage systems for me and put in a window in the basement. Years ago, I worked for a basement company who were a competitor of theirs, and I soon realized that they had the best products on the market. I'd give them an A.
They put in a sump pump and then an additional back up. They came and did a very thorough assessment, produced several proposals that we could choose from, very carefully went over what they were going to do when they were actually here for the job, and were clean and neat and very polite. I'd give them an A+.
They did my son's house. It had a leak in its foundation. It was waterproofing. They were very clean. They were very dependable. They cleaned their mess up, and it was unbelievable. I'd give them an A+.
They put in new pumps in my French drain system. The old pump system was deep in the ground, and it was expelling a lot of water, plus I didn't have a backup system. So, I used them, and it solved the problem. I have two pumps actually, two systems. I think the experience was an A+. I was very happy with them.
They did a great job. They did it very timely. They put in a drain and a sump pump. I'd give them an A+.
They were very responsive, and they finished the job on time and on budget. They did waterproofing and thermal insulation. Overall, I would give them an A.

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