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New England Dry Basements

1st year as a Best Pick

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"Basement waterproofing is what we do. We're professional, reliable, and experienced, and we can provide you with a permanent solution to alleviate basement leaks. No one should have to live with a wet, musty, smelly basement, so give us a call, and we'll diagnose the problem and provide a solution."

Donald Godfrey | President

Areas Served:

Greater Boston, MetroWest, North Shore, South Shore

  • Services Offered
    New England Dry Basements waterproofs basements and crawl spaces. The company's additional services include basement water removal and dehumidification, sump pump and drainage system installation, foundation crack repair, crawl space encapsulation, and basement finishing and remodeling.
  • Warranty
    New England Dry Basements' drainage systems carry a lifetime transferable warranty, and crack repairs carry a ten-year transferable warranty.
  • Company History
    President Donald Godfrey runs the locally owned-and-operated company and handles all sales personally.
  • Employee Information
    New England Dry Basements employees wear uniforms and drive marked vehicles.
  • Licenses
    HIC 171013

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The sales guy that came out—a guy named Don—was really nice. He answered all of my questions and didn't try to do a hard sell or anything. He only wanted me to get the least amount of work done that I needed, and it ended up working out in my favor economically. When the guys were here doing the work they were—well, you can't really be quiet doing that kind of work, but they were certainly tidy, clean, on time, and polite when I spoke with them. They did basement waterproofing work for me. I'd probably give them an A+. I don't like letting people into my house, and they really impressed me.
I didn't have any problem with New England Dry Basements. I thought they were great. They showed up on time. They installed the sump pump, and I think Don, the owner, is terrific. He even followed up and came after the guys who did the installation to check everything out. I had water in my basement—this is back in December. He called me that night. A lot of contractors would not call you, but he called me at nine o'clock that night and asked if anything was wrong in my basement. I said, 'No, it's just up to my ankles, and I'm tired of dealing with the water in the basement.' It doesn't happen often, but when it does—so he said he can't come this week and gave me a date. He showed up on time, and he got my business. I'll give them an A.
I've referred New England Dry Basements to a lot of my—I sell real estate—to a lot of my sellers that are doing things, and I've used them myself. They stand behind what they do. If they give you a quote, they keep in mind that's what they gave you, and they're honest. If they tell you that you need something—their honesty I think is what's the most important thing because a lot of people in that business are not honest. I'll give them an A+.
They are great. They show up when they say they're going to show up. They executed as they said in the contract that they would execute. They're very responsible and reliable. They don't get much better. They did full perimeter drainage work on a couple of basements for me. I'd give them an A+.
They did do work for me. I had two people come in. New England Dry Basements did a good job. In fact, he was far more attentive and far more responsive than the other guy. The other guy didn't even take a look. He just went through rote. They just did basic waterproofing and installed a new dehumidifier in a crawlspace. I chose them because the other people I had come in were not nearly as responsive or showing as much interest or intent to do the job properly. Everything has held up since it was done as far as I know. I don't live there anymore. We did it as part of a moving thing. I'd give them an A.
I did do work with New England Dry Basements. They did what they said they were going to do. They were on time. They were courteous. They did a good job.
They did work for me three years ago. John did a great job; he was very helpful. Basically, I liked their professionalism in particular. He helped me out with different products and just talked with me every step of the process. We were waiting to close on the home, and long story short, it took longer than it should have. He just got in touch as soon as he could. They put in a perimeter drain in my basement. He just seemed to be the most responsive. He just sounded really professional on the phone, and then when I met with him he was professional. I would give them an A.
New England Dry Basements have quality service and very good communication. He's just a pleasant guy to work with. We just got a nice feel from him. He seemed like he knew what he was talking about and conveyed it well. They did basement waterproofing work for us with no issues at all. Ultimately, I went with him based on my experience when he did the estimate. My live-in girlfriend was the one who pulled a shortlist of a couple of providers and started the process. I'm not sure what criteria she used from there. It was me who chose from the shortlist and that was based on my experience with him communicating with me and coming to do the estimate. I would give them a straight A.
New England Dry Basements did the work over a year ago. They came exactly when they said they would. They got the job done quickly and efficiently, and they did a good job. They did basement waterproofing for me. I'll give them an A.
They came in and did the job quickly. They were very clear on their quotes and cleaned up after themselves. They basically fixed a wet basement for me. They extended an existing French drain along our entire basement wall. I'll give them an A.

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