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Flagg Waterproofing

8th year as a Best Pick

  • A-Rated
  • Verified General Liability
  • Workers' Comp Exempt

I spent a number of years as a construction field engineer on large commercial projects. My strength is knowing construction. I like giving personal service. You are not hiring a big company. You hire me, my knowledge, and my experience.

Charlie Flagg | President

Areas Served:

North Atlanta, Cherokee, Dunwoody/Sandy Springs, Gwinnett/East Metro, Roswell, Alpharetta, Johns Creek & Cumming, Cobb/Marietta

  • Services Offered
    Flagg Waterproofing offers a variety of waterproofing services for foundation repair, including injections, Kevlar stabilizers, reshaping landscapes, building retaining walls, rerouting downspouts, and installing sump pumps. The company also provides consultation services prior to renovation.
  • Specializations
    The company diagnoses and solves water problems associated with the foundation. Flagg Waterproofing specializes in the injection method with concrete foundations and has experience with all foundation types.
  • Company History
    Flagg Waterproofing was founded in 1989 by Charlie Flagg. Before starting Flagg Waterproofing, Charlie worked as a field engineer and was responsible for constructing commercial projects.

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The problem was difficult, but I think they did the best they could. They came out a second time and took another look, so they did OK. My house is 15 years old, and it's built on what looks like fill dirt. So, it's kind of condensed under the house, and it's allowing water to seep up in the basement through the concrete. It's not standing water, but it comes up to the concrete, so they were able to do some drainage on each side of the house and kind of drain it away. I use an exterminator company, and I was telling one of their guys about it when he was in my basement trying to exterminate. He told me about some kind of engineering company, so I called the guy, and they referred me to Flagg Waterproofing. I'd give them A.
I have a poured concrete foundation. He did an epoxy injection into two of the cracks, and I've had no problems since. I would give them the highest grade.
I had a very positive experience. I don't know what he did, but it worked, whatever it was. They just repaired something for me, and it was awesome. Flagg Waterproofing gets an A.
They fixed the crack in my basement. Their customer service was very good, and I was impressed with Charlie, the owner of the company. He was very helpful and gave me the information that I needed. I'd give them an A.
We had cracks in the foundation, and they were able to fix it. They were fine—it was excellent. I would recommend them.
They did some waterproofing in the basement at my house. They're professional and easy to work with. They also have a pretty long history; I checked their references back when I worked with them. I'd recommend Flagg Waterproofing. They're A+.
It was definitely a positive experience. They completed the job, and they actually had to come back in order to do so. They thought they had it the first time, and they came back and spent an entire day working on it to get it back up to actual completion, which resolved the problem. They get an A+.
They were prompt, and they did a good job. They did waterproofing on the basement wall. Flagg Waterproofing is an A.
They were very knowledgeable. They identified an HVAC outlet pipe leak, repaired it, and reran the line in a better layout and with a better design. I've used them several times. I'd say they're an A.
Flagg Waterproofing did a great job. They fixed a leak outside; they worked on the pavers outside and the water leak inside. I'd give them an A.

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