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"Our main goal is to keep your trees healthy and green for years. In cases where hazardous trees need to be taken down to keep them from falling, we use the latest techniques for the fastest and safest removal possible. Each job represents a different challenge, and we have the training and experience to succeed at all of them."

Erwin Castellanos | President
Company Information
Services Offered
Champions Tree Preservation provides a variety of tree care services, including maintenance, planting, fertilization, drought relief, mulching, and disease treatment and prevention. The company also performs tree removals and plans and implements landscaping and green facade projects. Champions specializes in tree planting, tree preservation and consultation during construction projects, and removing hazardous trees.
Company History
Established in 1983, Champions Tree Preservation remains locally owned and operated.
Founder Erwin Castellanos is an International Society of Arboriculture Certified Arborist.
Additional Information
The company owns its own fleet of tree service equipment in order to shorten lead times for each project.
Areas Served
West Houston Suburbs, North Houston Suburbs, Fort Bend County & Southwest Houston, The Heights/Midtown
A selection of 227 homeowner reviews:
“I've used Champions Tree for years. They have always been professional. He always gives me a quote and sticks with it. He was willing to work with us when we had a much bigger project. I've used a lot of different tree people, and he's usually top-notch. If you need it, he'll do it. I'd give them an A+.”
“They did exactly what I wanted and explained how to care for the tree. They gave me a lot of education on my tree; that's what I really liked. I'd rate them as an A+. I was really happy.”
“I was very satisfied. They came on time and got everything done. Everything was great. I'd grade the overall experience as an A+. We were very pleased with how everything looked when they cleaned it out, and it retained its shape.”
“They do a very good job. They always follow up and do a good cleanup job. I'd give them an A+.”
“We were satisfied with it. They did excellent work, I had no complaints, and I'd recommend them.”
“I like the people that do the job. They work and they're professional. That's good enough for me. I'd give my overall experience an A+.”
“They cut my trees. I've had them for a number of years. They're very reliable. They're an A+ company.”
“We've used them twice already and we'll use them again. They climb up in the trees to cut the branches instead of having guys stand down on the ground—they miss a lot of stuff. They literally climb up in the trees, get everything, and do exactly what I ask. I had them cut a tree down near the house. Everything I ask, they do. If they have good recommendations, I take them. We've used them twice. I'd give them an A+ grade. I would definitely call them back. We use them about every other year.”
“They were installing some small trees or bushes along our fence. A+ for them.”
“First of all, they always show up on time. Second of all, they clean up after they're done. I don't have to clean anything and I've got a pool. They even clean the pool. These guys have been doing work in my yard for at least eight years and at my other place at least two years before that. They're reliable, they're neat, they're hardworking, and they don't leave a mess. I like them a lot. I always give them an A+. I send them to my friends.”