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Accent Shutter & Shades

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"The team at Accent Shutter takes great pride in our mission to deliver quality, USA-made products with industry-best cycle times and customer service. The custom nature of window treatments requires attention to detail as well as control processes and procedures to ensure a desired result—we give you our attention."

Walt & Michele Nye | Co-owners

Areas Served:

West Houston Suburbs, North Houston Suburbs, Fort Bend County & Southwest Houston, The Heights/Midtown

  • Services Offered
    Accent Shutter designs, manufactures, and installs custom-painted or stained interior plantation shutters and exterior shutters. Additionally, the company supplies a full range of window treatments such as shades, drapes, window film, and blinds. Accent Shutter also offers shutter repair and repainting.
  • Warranty
    The company's marquee shutter product, the O'Hair Elite, is guaranteed by a transferable limited lifetime warranty. Other products carry warranties that typically exceed five years for workmanship and product defects.
  • Company History
    Accent Shutter has been providing custom shutters and other window treatments for Houston and Eastern Texas since 1991.
  • Product Information
    Accent Shutter is an authorized dealer of products from O'Hair, Hunter Douglas, Atlantic Premium Shutters, Casa Fiora, Lafayette, Huper Optik, Window Outfitters, and Southern Shutter.

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I like them because they follow up. I had a problem, and they followed up without any question or hesitation. They just took my word for it without any kind of a hassle. They sent off for the part that I needed, and as soon as it had come in, they called to let me know that it had come in. They sent the guys over, and the guys always are here on time, so that's what I like about them. The quality of their window covers are phenomenal. I bought an extremely large honeycombed curtain, and they installed it. It's not something I could've carried in my car or anything. I couldn't have even gotten it over here because the window's so large. Another thing I like about them is when I was trying to figure out what I wanted to cover that humongous picture window, they actually looked at the possibilities, considering the size of the window and the weight of the product since it would be drawn up and down on a daily basis. I could've gotten something that might have drooped over time, for example, so they really talked about what would be my best options. They'll get my money again.
I love the shutters. They were very helpful with choosing. It was about four rooms, and they did a good job. I have pets, so the gentleman that came out talked to me about where you can have a different rod for the tops and the bottoms, so that was very helpful because that way they can't scratch the shutters at the bottom. The shutters are perfect, no problem.
I had worked with them at my other house. I had some shutters and blinds made, and they had done a very good job of it. I had a very, very nice salesman. The secretary was a bit of a screw up in that she took my information and then—there's a lot of homes being built in Houston and so it took them a week or so to be able to come. She sent them to my old house rather than my new house. At the end of the day I called and I said, 'Aren't the people coming today,' and she said, 'No, they came to your house and the man came out and said they don't need any shutters.' It was me, a lady that ordered it. Well it was my new homeowner and of course, he didn't need them, I already provided them with very nice shutters. Then they couldn't get to me for another day or so. I went over there when they didn't show up, and that's when a wonderful salesman stepped up and helped me take care of it. Once it was delivered and installed, a few of them didn't seem to close properly enough, so we went by and told him. He said, 'I'm going to bring the actual lady that made your blinds to your house and she'll show you how to close them tightly.' He took the headers off, and she would adjust the strings in a few of them. I didn't realize sometimes you could pull as hard as you can on the string and that's what tends to lock them tighter. I thought that was way above and beyond. They did a lot of blinds. My windows are big, so I need six just for my breakfast room. They did 23 windows.
I think they're extremely professional, and I got a good value. I liked that they took the time to show me their facilities and walked me through the plant. They installed 18 shutters. Their customer service was great. I did have to call them back, and I never heard back from them. There was a couple of things—they broke a light fixture above a sink, and then when they were installing the same shutter above the sink at some point it slipped and damaged the slats. It's almost like they weren't completely done drying so it kind of dented in one of the little handle things that goes up and down, and it scratched the paint. My entire family had used them. I would recommend them. For what we were getting, I just thought it was professional. Other than a few issues, I would use them again.
It's just a great company. I've used them different times for shutters. A friend of mine recommended them. She was really particular, and she really loved her shutters. It's a great company, and they did whatever I needed. If I need more shutters, I'll give them a call.
They helped me figure out exactly what kind of shutter I needed on a huge window in the front. He measured, and everything was just perfect when it came in. I would definitely recommend them—I already have actually. I had heard good things about them, and that's why I called.
I think it was the quality that made it such a positive experience. They did shutters for the whole home—the front windows. I wasn't there for much, my architecture girl took care of most of the things, but I liked the quality of the shutters. They were on time, and everything was fine.
They did a good job. Everything was delivered on time, done the way we wanted, and the stain matched. It wasn't a huge job, but it was a pretty good-sized job. It had to be custom built—it was curved and arched. I called them up, they came out, and they did what they said they were going to do. It took four to six weeks.
They have friendly service. They came out, measured my windows, and made a shutter for them. They did just a couple of rooms, and there's an odd shaped window. Their customer service was great. I would say they are great.
They were just very efficient, and I really didn't have any concerns about them at all. They were recommended by my daughter's neighbor. They came out, measured, we cut the deal, and they came and installed so it was just good from start to finish. They're located not too far from where we live. They did shutters for the whole house, all our windows. I'd say if you want plantation shutters, go for it. In fact, my daughter has a rather large house, and I think at some point in time she may do the same thing. I'd put them right up there at the top.

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