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FrontPoint Security

1st year as an EBSCO Research Best Pick

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"FrontPoint is a company people can trust. We offer the most advanced equipment and features with safer, more reliable cellular monitoring, and our systems are backed by superior customer service. Every customer receives the peace of mind they deserve with the service level they want."

Peter Rogers | Cofounder

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  • Services Offered
    FrontPoint offers 100 percent wireless alarm systems with built-in cellular signaling and 24/7 professional monitoring. The system provides protection against intrusion, fire, water/flood, carbon monoxide, frozen pipes, and medical emergencies. Interactive monitoring plans include instant alerts, remote access from any web-enabled device or smartphone, streaming video, and home automation capabilities.
  • Awards & Certifications
    The company received the GE Security President's Award, and FrontPoint's central location was named one of the Best Places to Work in Virginia in 2012 and 2013 by Best Companies Group.
  • Organizations
    FrontPoint Security is a member of the ESA as well as the NFPA.
  • Product Information
    Every alarm system is customized and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. The systems are designed to be set up by consumers. There are no activation or standard shipping fees.

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FrontPoint would get an A+. Everything went great. I thought it was easy. It was great. There wasn't any automated mess to try to go through. The wireless aspect and the ability to monitor from a smartphone are the best parts. Everything has been great.
It's been great. Luckily, I haven't had much experience with it because I've never had to use it, but so far, I have a fantastic impression of FrontPoint. The contact I had with the company was for the installation, when I purchased the product, and the customer service and everything was incredibly good and responsive. I think the customer service was key. They're an A+ so far.
They're all positive, and I have no problem with them. The setup was easy. I would say FrontPoint's an A+.
The customer service is excellent. The support is pleasant to talk with. They're fast and accurate, and the system was easy to put in place. I sleep comfortably knowing it's there. They deserve an A+. I had just bought a new house, and I needed a security system, so I did some research. I went through all the companies, and I kept coming back to FrontPoint. The sales process and the service were excellent. They explained the system to me and how easy it was, and it was exactly as they had described. The initial support was not an issue. There were no surprises. I recently added some additional equipment—the overhead garage door, another door, and a window sensor—and I called them and activated it. During the shipping, the battery must have come loose, but they told me how to open it up and pop it back in. There were no troubles at all or unresolved technical issues. It worked perfectly. I like the remote, how you can configure it, and all the notifications. I think they're good.
We love it. I didn't do the setup, but my husband did, and it was just really simple and easy. He had no problems figuring it out. I like how we get the notifications on our phone and that we can manage the alarm service from our iPhones. I would say they get an A+. The initial sales process went well. The few times that I set off the fire alarm, they dispatched someone almost immediately. It's good, and you don't miss not having someone physically close to you. I haven't had to contact customer service beyond the false alarms or the initial setup, thankfully. I haven't had any technical issues.
We love FrontPoint. The whole system has been really great. I like being able to control some of the different features over my cell phone. I know it allows you to monitor what's happening at home when you're away. We've had a couple little issues, but they've always been corrected quickly. I would say they're excellent. An A grade works for me. My husband is the one who researches all these things, and I trust him because he's quite thorough about his research. He set it up. We just had to tweak a couple things to make sure everything lined up properly. I think we called because maybe one of the sensors got stuck in the garage door, and they came and replaced it right away. Their presence has never been a problem for me. My husband is a very private person and doesn't like people coming to the house to work on stuff, so it was a real plus that you could do everything remotely. We have another home where we need to set up a system, too. I would say there isn't really anything that we have any concerns about.
I liked FrontPoint's ease of use. I like the wireless and the app function. I'd give them an A. The initial sales process was excellent. The setup and activation were easy enough. I thought it was awesome. We had the alarm go off—a cat tripped it—but that was the only time it's gone off. I can see where some people may be intimidated by the install, but I think they have some good tutorials online that can help you through it. I think the tutorials enable people to feel empowered to do it, the DIY thing. We like it a lot.
It was easy to install, easy to work with, and easy to communicate with them. I would give them an A+. I was happy with the sales process, and the customer service was excellent. The setup wasn't difficult at all. I just had to contact them to change a billing issue. I haven't had any issues getting in touch with them. There haven't been any unresolved technical issues.
It's been very good. I like the technology of it, that I can access it with apps. You can turn your alarm on and off, you can see people coming in, get text alerts, all that stuff. I would give FrontPoint an A+ for their service—they're excellent. I think very highly of them. I haven't had problems, and they were very helpful. It was a smooth transition. They were helpful with setting up the system, which was pretty easy. I'm very happy with all aspects of the service so far. I was having a problem with the system at first, and when I spoke to them, they thought it was a battery issue. They walked me through it, and I haven't had a problem since. They're convenient and accessible if and when I need them. Everything is pretty self-explanatory; it's very easy, very low-key. I don't think I'm a low-tech type of person, so to me it was very intuitive, but I think someone like my mother who is very low-tech and has difficulty operating a cell phone would still be able to do it. It's very, very simple. I haven't had any technical issues that have gone unresolved. The only issue I ever had was that one, and they resolved it. I actually access and control my system from my iPhone or iPad all the time. And I really like that I'm able to customize and control the security levels that you have for people on your system and separate passwords and logins, so you can have individualized controls. I think everything is fine.
I like the notification when something happens. They've always been on top of things. I would give them an A+. I think their sales process is very good, and their security technician was very knowledgeable. Setup and activation were very good. Their initial support was very good, too. The whole group was good. I haven't ever had issues getting in touch with an actual person, and there are no technical issues that have gone unresolved. Everything's been good, and I like everything. There's nothing they could do better right now. For now, I think they're doing excellent work. I've been recommending them to my friends and a few people I know, and they've been getting it.

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