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DryHome Roofing & Siding, Inc.

7th year as a Best Pick

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"We take the time and effort to have each employee trained in the latest techniques and materials in the industry. Our employees take pride in their work and treat each home as if it were their own. We make certain our customers are kept informed throughout the entire process, from the estimate to when the last technician leaves."

Steve Gotschi | President

Areas Served:

Prince William, Fairfax County, Loudoun County, Arlington County

  • Services Offered
    DryHome offers roof replacement, roof repair, and skylight and Sun Tunnel installation.
  • Warranty
    Most roof systems carry a lifetime warranty.
  • Distinctions
    DryHome was the winner of Roofing Contractor magazine's 2014 Residential Roofing Contractor of the Year award. The company is also a VELUX Five-Star Skylight Installer and a CertainTeed SELECT Shingle Master employing Certified Master Shingle Applicators. Additionally, DryHome is a member of the National Roofing Contractors Association and the Virginia Association of Roofing Professionals.
  • Company History
    Founded 29 years ago, DryHome serves all of Northern Virginia. For 14 years, the company has provided free roofs to those in need through its "Free Roof for the Holidays" program.
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I had an excellent experience with DryHome. Good-quality crew, and they were very responsive. They provided detailed answers to my questions. They did an excellent job. Excellent quality of work, perfect customer service, perfect punctuality, excellent cleanliness, and excellent expertise—it's an A+.
They were extremely knowledgeable. The guys on the roof were the hardest-working people I've ever seen. They were a great group of people to have working on your house. They were very good. I'd give them an A+.
I had a roof replaced. They knew exactly what they were doing. I've used them before for another roof. I like their professionalism. These guys are extremely knowledgeable—they know it inside and out. Overall, I'd give them an A+.
DryHome was fantastic. They deserve an A.
They did a good job. Since they put the roof on my house, I've had no problems with it. They're an excellent company to deal with, and I would recommend them highly. They're family oriented—they act like a family, and they work like a family. The management was concerned about the employees, and the employees were concerned about the customers. DryHome is an A.
They did the work exactly as they said they would. They replaced the shingles and other stuff on my roof. The price was exactly what they quoted, and so far, everything looks great with the work they've done. I have no problems with it. I would give them an A.
They had quick service. Since they finished that job, we had a couple of really heavy storms, but the roof stayed on. We didn't detect any leaks, so that was impressive. I was impressed personally by their planning. They brought the material the previous day and put it on the roof, so it was impressive. This was a whole new roof they put on my house. They're definitely an A. I recommended their services to my neighbors and some of them have called DryHome.
The guy that came out and did the estimate was knowledgeable, and the workers were hardworking. We have a big roof, and they did it all in one day. My husband is a carpenter, and he said they did excellent work. When we had people give us estimates, DryHome was the most knowledgeable, so that's why we chose them. I would grade them as an A.
They replaced my roof. Prior to making a decision with DryHome, I dealt with about four other roofing companies. Their guy who did the estimate for my roof was the only one who had the decency to respond to all the questions that I had put in writing to him. He took all the time in responding, and then he called me to follow up and make sure that I had all the information I needed. He followed up the day the work was being done. The workers did a marvelous job, and they cleaned up everything. You couldn't tell that all that work had been done that day with the way my yard looked. The roof looks great. There are no leaks, and I've been very pleased with the work they did. I would definitely say they get an A.
They did a fantastic job, and I liked the whole experience. They were prompt and professional, and they did good work. They replaced the roof in one day. They would be an A grade.

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