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"At Champion Roofing, we pride ourselves on our high customer satisfaction rate. We work to install roofing systems that meet industry specifications, and when we leave a jobsite, we always make sure our customers are satisfied. Do your research and see why Champion truly is a champion."

Harry Friedman | President
Company Information
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Champion Roofing offers complete tear-off and replacement, re-roofing, and repairs of all kinds of roofing systems. The company also provides tuck-pointing, new gutters, skylights, and siding. Champion Roofing works with both residential and commercial customers.
The company provides a five-year labor guarantee on all completed shingle roof installations and material warranties up to the lifetime of the structure. Commercial warranties are available for up to 20 years.
Company History
The company was founded in 1999 by Harry Friedman and Joseph C. Smith. Today, Harry serves as the company president and Joseph as the vice president.
Champion Roofing is a GAF Roofer and a Duro-Last Elite Contractor.
Areas Served
Northern Chicago, North Shore, Northwest Chicago Suburbs, Southwest Chicago Suburbs, Western Chicago Suburbs
A selection of 525 homeowner reviews:
“Champion did the roof of the house on the separate garage. We were very impressed. We liked everything about them. They did excellent work. They cleaned up everything really well. We were really pleased with the whole process. I'd give them an A+.”
“They were professional and easy to work with. They did everything. They did a full replacement of our primary roof as well as our garage roof. I would say they deserve an A+. I'm extremely likely to recommend them.”
“They put a roof on for me. I'd give them an A+. The quality of work was good. I'm very likely to recommend them.”
“Champion gave us a new roof. I liked everything. I'd rate them as an A+ company. They did a great job.”
“They put my roof on. I'd give them an A+. It was all excellent.”
“I liked the fact that they guided me in the right direction. I had gotten other estimates, and one was way higher. I liked that they didn't do extra work, they did what they needed to do, and they made some recommendations. They put some fans in and fixed some little shingles that were buckled. I give them an A grade. Everything was positive.”
“They put a roof on for me. They earned an A+.”
“I always have a positive experience with them. I've known them for years. They've done the roof on my company and on my house. This time it was replacing shingles. They deserve an A+ rating. I'm very likely to recommend them.”
“They did the work one-two-three. It was good work—no complaints. They put on the roof, there was a leak in the roof, and they took care of it right away. They were A+.”
“It was good. I'm not going to be owning that house anymore so I'm not worried about it. They patched the roof where a storm had taken off shingles. They did the job, that's all I care about. I won't rate it other than that. They did the job. It was done, and they were clean. They didn't make a mess, they cleaned up, and they were gone.”