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Atlanta Roofing Specialists

11th year as a Best Pick

  • A-Rated
  • Verified General Liability
  • Verified Workers' Comp

We are all about quality. All of our salesmen are experienced roofers themselves. We walk through and inspect each job after it's done to make sure it is up to our standards. We set the standards that others follow. A contributing factor to our quality of work is our many long-term employees.

Mark Rutherford | Co-owner

Areas Served:

North Atlanta, Cherokee, Dunwoody/Sandy Springs, Gwinnett/East Metro, Roswell, Alpharetta, Johns Creek & Cumming, Cobb/Marietta

  • Services Offered
    Atlanta Roofing Specialists is a residential roofing company that performs re-roofing projects, roof repair, and construction repair as well as gutter and gutter cover installation.
  • Warranty
    Atlanta Roofing Specialists warrants new roofs for ten years, including a 40-point final inspection. The company also warrants repairs for one year.
  • Awards & Certifications
    Atlanta Roofing Specialists is a GAF Master-Elite Roofing Contractor and a CertainTeed SELECT ShingleMaster. The company was awarded GAF's Consumer Protection Excellence Award in 2010, and it currently holds GAF's Training Excellence Award.
  • Company History
    Atlanta Roofing Specialists was co-founded in 1993 and is co-owned by Kevin King and Mark Rutherford. Kevin manages the office and sales staff, while Mark manages the crews and the workmanship quality. Kevin and Mark still do estimates daily.

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They completed a flat roof without any leaking, and it was a very complicated job. Underneath this flat roof was my office—the roof was actually a deck with tile on top of the roof. The people who did it actually had to come out and take off an old roof someone else had just done. Because of how it needed to be sealed and put against the house to keep it from leaking, it was just extremely complicated—more complicated than the first contractor thought, which is why the roof leaked. It's been over a year, and there has not even been one sign of leaking even though people walk on that roof all day long. Their customer service was pretty awesome. Quite frankly, I interviewed a lot of people to fix this. This was a pretty important addition, and Atlanta Roofing Specialists was the only group that I could tell technically knew what had to happen in order to not just make a flat roof work, but also to put the stone on top of the tile in order for it to be weighed down. There was just a lot of stuff that went in it, and they were the only people that actually knew the mechanics of how this would have to happen in order to prevent it from leaking down into the room below. I would probably give them an A.
We were a previous customer. We moved to a new home that was just outside of their coverage territory, but they agreed to travel outside of their area to take a look at the roof because it was leaking and having problems. They quickly got their construction crew out to take care of some chimney reframing work that needed to be done, and they reshingled the area that needed to be shingled and repaired the problem. We used them years ago at a previous home to do an entire roof replacement, and we were extremely satisfied with their work. We'll go with an A+.
I used Atlanta Roofing Specialists for a roof replacement. They used GAF products. The customer service and quality of work were excellent. I'd rate them as an A.
Atlanta Roofing Specialists did my roofing work for me. It went really well. It went great. They nailed the shingles by hand, and that is what I liked. They're the only company that I got a quote from that did hand nailing. The rest use some kind of gun or something. They did a great job—A+.
They showed up promptly, detailed the work, and then did the work per the estimate. I've got a flat roof, so they had to go around and reseal a lot of areas, and then they put a metallic silver paint on. They cleaned up. The customer service was good. I would say they were A+.
They arrived on time, and they did the job they were supposed to do. They repaired my roof. The customer service was good. We've used them in the past. I'd give them an A+.
I had no problems with Atlanta Roofing Specialists. They did some patching. I guess we had a storm or something, and I had a couple of leaks, so they patched the roof for me. I haven't had any issues with it. They did the job and were in and out. The customer service was good. I think I chose them because they actually showed up. I would say it's an A+ for them.
It was fine—it was good. They were eager to make us happy and to work with our budget as far as I can remember. They repaired the roof. I think I chose them for their availability. The customer service was good. I would say I have no complaints. I'll give them an A+.
They did a great roofing job, and I had no complaints. It was what they said they would do, and there were no hang-ups on it. They did the entire roof. They left the roof in good shape. It was clean, and the customer service was great. I chose them based on their reputation. They're A+.
We used Atlanta Roofing Specialists, and they were great. They came out and fixed a leak we had, and then they actually ended up doing our entire roof. They were efficient—they had a large crew out here and did a lot of good work. They did a good job of communicating. They were, overall, very, very, very good. I'd give them an A.

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