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Atlanta Re-Roof Specialists, Inc.

10th year as a Best Pick

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We're successful because we say what we mean, we do what we say, and we are very thorough. We try very, very hard to get it done right the first time. Our business is based on referrals, and our customers hire us because they want good service and quality.

Andrew Dalby | President & Owner

Areas Served:

North Atlanta, Cherokee, Cobb/Marietta, Gwinnett/East Metro

  • Services Offered
    Atlanta Re-Roof Specialists, Inc., is a residential and commercial roofing company that replaces and repairs shingle, wood shake, synthetic slate/shake, tile, slate, and flat roofs. In addition to these services, the company offers skylight repair and chimney cap replacement.
  • Warranty
    The company provides a minimum ten-year warranty on the workmanship of replacement roofs as well as a one-year warranty on most repairs.
  • Awards & Certifications
    Atlanta Re-Roof Specialists is a CertainTeed SELECT ShingleMaster, a DaVinci Masterpiece Contractor, and an EcoStar Gold Star Authorized Applicator.
  • Company History
    Andrew Dalby, president and owner of Atlanta Re-Roof Specialists, founded the business in 1992.

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During a rain storm, a small limb fell from a tree and pierced a hole in my roof. I called, and they were there within several hours. They repaired the hole, took roofing from another non-showing area, and covered this damaged area right on the front roof.
They totally removed an asphalt shingle roof on the main house and a detached garage. They replaced the roof with an asphalt shingle roof. They arrived on the day and at the time they said they would arrive. They worked all day long and did a very good job. They cleaned up the property afterward. They did the work for the price that they originally bid. I did not have to point out things that needed to be corrected—everything was done well the first time.
They were paid to investigate a leak and evaluate work done by another contractor. It was very positive. They not only determined that the other roofing company was wrong and trying to milk me, but they also determined the leak was caused by something internal, which was beyond their expertise. They then recommended that I contact an engineer or inspector to figure out the problem, as it was likely some kind of internal ventilation issue. The engineer evaluated and determined it was indeed a leaking heater flu vent that was causing condensation. Were it not for Atlanta Re-Roof, I would have paid much more for an entire new roof and would not have solved the problem, which was actually a serious health and safety issue for the tenants living in the house.
Dove Remodeling can always count on Atlanta Re-Roof to provide quality work. Atlanta Re-Roof always does quality work and always cleans up after the job is complete.
They patched a hole in my roof where a branch fell. They gave me a favorable quote, came when they said they would, and fixed the problem while they were here.
They reroofed my house. Andrew makes everything easy.
Atlanta Re-Roof Specialists addressed a tricky leak in our roof along the valleys in the roof line created by our addition. The attention we received was prompt, professional, and intelligent. The problem was examined, the solution was conveyed, and the problem was repaired. I appreciated the directness. Many companies that I have interviewed attempt to sell me a package solution that only loosely relates to the issue at hand. This was not the case with Atlanta Re-Roof Specialists. I wish all home service businesses would follow their lead.
They have re-roofed two of my properties and made quick and timely repairs when needed. There is not a better roofer.
Atlanta Re-Roof Specialists has inspected and repaired my roof two times. Both times, the work was done very well. They fixed the problem with no complications.
Atlanta Re-Roof Specialists has done multiple repairs and a new roof for me and my real estate clients. Their work is excellent, and their attitudes are exceptional. Andrew is easygoing but very specific and professional about what needs to be done.

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