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Sweetwater Pool & Patio

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"Home is your place to relax and unwind, and your outdoor living space should be your personal oasis. At Sweetwater Pool & Patio, we want you to have less stress and more fun enjoying your sparkling swimming pool. As your experts in pool care, we offer a diverse range of services, from equipment repairs and weekly cleaning to renovations."

Sheila Bezdek | Owner

Areas Served:

The Heights/Midtown

  • Services Offered
    Sweetwater Pool & Patio provides residential pool services, including weekly maintenance, one-time cleaning services, pool resurfacing, and pool renovation as well as most pool repairs. The company's retail store carries chemicals and supplies in addition to offering free computerized water testing.
  • Services Not Offered
    Sweetwater Pool & Patio does not perform new pool installations.
  • Warranty
    The company offers a 30-day warranty on general repairs and a 90-day warranty on new equipment in addition to manufacturers' warranties.
  • Organizations
    Sweetwater Pool & Patio is a member of the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals.
  • Company History
    The local, family-owned-and-operated company was founded in 1981.
  • Employee Information
    Employees wear uniforms, drive marked vehicles, and undergo background checks and drug testing.
  • Licenses
    TICL 391

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They check my pool out every year before the hot season gets here. When anything does go wrong, they do my maintenance, and I buy all my supplies from them. They're my pool company; they are the only ones I use. I'd rate them as an A+.
It's been great. They are punctual and professional. If there are issues, they give me a heads-up before they do any work. They deserve an A.
I thought they were very professional, and I enjoyed what they did. I will use Sweetwater again. They worked on my AquaLink system, and they replaced the salt sensor and some pool lights. I would grade them an A.
They've been doing our pool for the last 11 years. I like their subcontractor that comes by and cleans our pool; he does a really good job. He is very good, has a good attention detail, and gives suggestions to increase the efficiency of the pool and such. I'd grade them an A. They also fixed a leak beside the pool within the last three months, and they did a really good job on the cleanup. There have been no leaks since they fixed them.
They've been good. I liked that they provide correct information when their technician comes out. I also like how they are able to handle ordering and billing of services. When Sweetwater fixes something, it stays fixed. A+ for them.
They are reliable, dependable, and responsive. They come out weekly and do normal pool maintenance. And then they repair and fix anything in addition to that. I'd rate them as an A+.
They are dependable. I've liked every person that has come out to clean my pool. My dogs even like the gentleman that is doing it now. He is here early in the mornings and is a personable person. I don't have any problems with Sweetwater. I would grade them an A.
The previous owners used them, so we started using them, and we haven't had a problem. They come when they say they are going to come. And if they have a problem, they let us know that they had an issue. I'd rate them as an A+.
They communicate well with me, and I can reach them by email or phone. When they come out, they're friendly, and they show up when they are supposed to. They also did some repairs when a pool turned green and a filter broke. They came out and fixed everything. I would grade Sweetwater as an A.
They come every time and leave information about the levels of my pool. My pool is always clean, and it's a very positive experience. I would grade them as an A.

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