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Atlas Plumbing Company

6th year as a Best Pick

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"Our customers will always be the most important people in our business, and we promise them 100 percent satisfaction with our work. That's why our motto is 'Trust the best for the best plumbing service by the cleanest plumbers in town.' Most of our staff have been with us for over 20 years—some for over 30 years."

Max "Sonny" Friedman | President

Areas Served:

Plano/Frisco/Allen/McKinney, Greater Dallas, North Dallas, Southlake/Grapevine/Colleyville, Flower Mound/Lewisville/Highland Village

  • Services Offered
    Atlas Plumbing Company services, sells, and replaces plumbing fixtures, faucets, garbage disposals, and instant hot water dispensers as well as tank-type and tankless gas and electric water heaters. The company also provides water, gas, and sewer line repair and replacement.
  • Specializations
    Atlas specializes in installing tankless water heaters and repairing leaking water or drain lines beneath slab foundations. The company offers video camera service and electronic leak detection.
  • Organizations
    Atlas is a member of the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Association's Quality Service Contractors Group.
  • Employee Information
    All employees undergo drug testing and background checks.
  • Product Information
    Atlas offers and services high-efficiency faucets, toilets, and tankless water heaters by Rinnai.
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I have two bathrooms, and they fixed the two commodes that were leaking by putting new seals on the them. They were very professional. They came out in a timely manner and took care of my issue, and that was good. My previous plumber had passed away, and I found out when the issue came up with these two commodes. Atlas was recommended to me then. I'd give them an A.
They replaced a water purification system. They do all my work. I know them all by name, and they're just wonderful. I've been using them for 20 years, and I'd rate them as an A.
Atlas is great. I used them for two water heaters, and they did a great job. Everything's done and installed properly. I found them in Best Picks. I'd say they earned an A because they did great.
They replaced a shower faucet. It broke off inside, and they figured a way to get it out without having to knock a hole in the wall and having to replace all the tiles. We were very pleased with that. I'd give them an A.
We had a leak in the front yard. They were able to find it and repair it, and it was done pretty quick. They did the work as expected. I think I heard about them through Best Pick Reports. We would give them an A grade.
I just moved into a brand-new house about three months ago, and they replaced my water heaters. I think I had two water heaters that were functioning fine, but they had 15 years on them. I was a little bit concerned because they were in my attic, so I had them come out and put new ones in with drip protectors on them. They did their job fine, and everything's good. I went to Best Picks to find them. They did an A-worthy job.
They were very efficient. They took out the old heater and put the new one in, and we were back in operation. They get an A.
I would give Atlas an A rating.
Atlas fixed a faucet, and I'd give them an A.
I liked their overall professionalism. They fixed an outside water faucet. I found them in the Best Picks. They did an A-level job.

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