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Connor's Termite & Pest Control

5th year as a Best Pick

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Connor's mission is to provide excellent pest management services, to respond to our customers' needs, to use only environmentally safe solutions, and to care for the clients who choose us. We are a family-owned, local company with a commitment to the communities we serve.

Robin Mountjoy | General Manager

Areas Served:

Washington, DC

  • Services Offered
    Connor's Termite & Pest Control offers residential and commercial pest control services, including pest protection plans, termite prevention and elimination, rodent and wildlife removal, bedbug detection and elimination, and repairs for insect damage.
  • Specializations
    The company offers termite colony elimination technology with the Sentricon system. Connor's also specializes in bedbug detection using NESDCA-certified canines and bedbug elimination using heat treatment.
  • Warranty
    Connor's offers termite and pest warranties.
  • Organizations
    Connor's belongs to the National Pest Management Association and the Virginia Pest Management Association.
  • Company History
    Bob Connor, Sr., founded the family-owned-and-operated business in 1944, and it is currently run by second- and third-generation family members.
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I used Connor's Termite & Pest Control for termite inspection when I bought the house, and then when I found the wood rot, I had them come back out. Their customer service was excellent. I would give them an A.
What I liked was the fact that it was seamless. We called, and it was arranged. I didn't have to do anything else. They sent me a follow-up confirming, and then they showed up at the time they said they would. They told me who they were, said what they were going to do, did what they needed to do, checked in with me, and then left. I literally had nothing to do except make the initial inquiry. It was just seamless and made my life very easy. They just inspected the home. He took roughly an hour, which I understand is about the appropriate amount of time. He filled out paperwork, said everything was fine, and gave us some information that sounded about right. He was extremely kind and easy to work with.
I thought that they were professional. They were prompt, and they seemed to know what they were doing. There was an area that I knew very little about, so they explained it, and it made sense. It gave me a sense of confidence about their services. They did some preventative termite services. They were referred to me. That was my first time using them. They were prompt. They seemed to know what they were doing. They explained the process, went to work, and thanked me—that was it.
They show up when they're supposed to, and so far, the work has been real good. I'm not unhappy. They're better than other folks that I've dealt with in the past. They have done termite inspection; that was the reason I called them. It's been about three or four years of using them. They do what they're supposed to do. The work has been guaranteed, and I haven't had to call them back because of an issue, so I'm happy with it.
We had Connor's Termite & Pest Control for eight years. It was a positive experience. I would give them an A. They come cordially, they're very timely, and they let me know ahead of time.
When they say they're going to be here, they're here. They're very concerned about making sure that when they walk into the house, they don't track in dirt. They put on booties when they walk in the house from the outside. They're in, they're out, and they're fast. They're thorough. I've never had a reason to have to call them again after our regular treatment. It'll be two years of using them tomorrow. They now have developed a live portal that sends you an email to acknowledge the payment.
I've been a customer for so many years. I know most of the technicians that come to the house, and I know some of the management who have come and done favors for me. I don't remember the gentleman's name, but he sold me the Sentricon system, which essentially solved my termite problems. They do regular pest control and quarterly visits and all that kind of stuff. I would tell others to go to Connor's.
They were very responsive. They did what they said they were going to do. We had a good experience with them. We've just used them for bedbug removal. I do plan to call them so they can be our termite inspector, too. I would recommend them; they do a pretty good job.
They just do pest control. They're responsive, and they're very friendly and polite when they come to the house. I've stood them up twice, and they never complained. They always adjusted their schedule for me. They're just really easy to work with. I also like the products that they used. They're animal safe—I'm killing the bugs, but I'm not hurting my cats. I used them a number of years ago for over a year, and then I moved, and then I moved back this winter and signed up with them again. I'm a repeat customer.
They did termite protection treatment. They performed this service and answered questions as to what was going on.

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